1000’s in Colorado with out warmth after vandals assault fuel system – Watts Up With That?

Thousands in Colorado without heat after vandals attack gas system – Watts Up With That?

Thousands in Colorado Without Heat After Vandals Attack Gas System – Watts Up With That?

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From NYPost

Thousands of residents in Aspen, Colorado stayed near zero degrees without heat after vandals – possibly green activists from an environmental group – attacked the city's gas system, authorities said Monday.

The vandals apparently attacked three separate Black Hills Energy gas pipelines, one in Aspen and two in Pitkin County, and left some 3,500 residents shaking in their homes on Saturday night, the Aspen Times reported.

The Aspen Police Department said the words "Earth First!"

False flag or not, someone seems to be taking out credit

The Aspen Police Department said the words "Earth First!" were written on a pipe near Aspen. It is unclear whether the environmental group "Earth First!" was behind the vandalism.

Well, at a time with no consequences for violent protests, I wonder how high the likelihood of escalating ecoterrorism could be.

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