15-Yr Previous Opens Black-Owned Cupcake Store Throughout Pandemic

layla wallace cupcakes

Meet Layla Wallace, a 15-year-old Michigan entrepreneur and baker who is making chef moves with the opening of her new cupcake shop called Layla & # 39; s Cool Pops. Her shop is located in downtown Kalamazoo and is the result of what began years ago as an economic project in her 4th grade.

In 2015, Layla started making delicious sweet treats like cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cake pops, and more. She specializes in special orders and catering events. Now, despite the pandemic, she pushed through the opening of her first store and made sure preventive measures were in place.

"I think some people think that because I'm younger, my work ethic would be different. So I have to prove them wrong by working really hard," Layla said in a statement. "I'm still scared of talking to people so I warm up talking to people and I'm still in school so it's a bit difficult."

In addition, she wants to support her Sweets4Homeless initiative with Layla's Cool Pops, a non-profit organization that buys houses for homeless families and financially supports other community organizations that help eradicate homelessness.

This article was originally published by BlackBusiness.com.