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Solution for minimizing the inventory costs

Oct 20

Who doesn’t want to enhance his profit of business with the minimal cost being spent? Everyone does, right? In this era of digitalized software and advanced pieces of machinery, people are constantly looking for new and effective ways to improve their business’s productivity and control the costs as much as possible. Moreover, your inventory management costs could be minimized to a great extent if you utilize the Amazon Seller Reserved Inventory tool known as “Inventooly”. It will help you to record all of your transactions, sales, purchases, etc. to verify the correct image of your product’s dealings. In addition to this, using the Amazon inventory management system could also enhance the performance of your business with a minimal cost being spent.

Likewise, a well-known service, consultancy, and software servicing company known as Add Energy has recently introduced a very unique and thoughtful collaboration with Craig International and AH Asset Solutions. The main goal of this relationship is to improve the production system in accordance with the cost-saving in inventory departments.  

This relationship is being seen as a unique approach that combines these well-known companies together to form a trusted, and scalable worldwide solution to manage the inventory of your business. In addition to this, a great deal of cost to be saved, productivity to be increased at high levels, and a good amount of revenue generation is also being predicted as a result of this collaboration. 

Features of Add Energy’s Inventory Management Software:

  • It will allow users to verify their stock’s ups and downs.
  • Helps to build and optimize data also.
  • Spare parts are tracked and managed in effective ways.
  • Filtered data is then used for buying and selling options that are hosted by Craig International on the other end. 
  • This collaboration gives access available to more than 60,000 customer-hosted products also.
  • Lead the cost savings up to 15%.
  • The number of suppliers is reduced by almost 60%

At last, when we talk about AH Asset Solution, it is known for its lengthy and unending record of working with some famous energy producers for serving with excess asset evaluation as well as disposal activities. In addition to this, EVP at Add Energy, Peter Adam talked about this collaboration and also said that with their own distinct niches, forming a unique relationship with each other, they all are working as middlemen in introducing some important solutions related to the inventory. He also said that this act of partnership will force the supply chain to focus on how it should now handle the excess amount of inventory in accordance with reducing and eliminating the stress of the client’s end. 

Likewise, urging upon the importance of this unique collaboration between the three companies, Nick Abram from AH Asset Solutions stated that;

“By selling off unneeded stock, companies will benefit from reducing their carbon footprint through repurposing parts whilst gaining capital back into their business, without having to invest any time or effort into the process, a proven approach that has already been adopted by many energy producers in the North Sea alone.”

Last but not the least, the Joint managing director at Craig International, “Steve McHardy” also said about this positive cause that their relationship is basically for serving the customers so that they could have a new, unique and simple way of dealing with the difficulties that occur relevant to inventories. However, other than this, you could take assistance from employing Amazon inventory management tools to fasten your process of recording and calculating the purchases and sales of your inventory.

To stay on top of inventory, sellers now have to focus more on forecasting their sales and analyzing replenishment needs. Most of the time, sellers neglect checking up with Amazon Seller Reserved Inventory, resulting in extended inventory that is being replenished. This scenario leads toward having mismanaged inventory planning and costs sellers their hard-earned profit.