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The Ultimate Guide to Year End Functions

Nov 19

The Ultimate Guide To Year End Functions

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It's time for you to let loose and enjoy the end of the year. It's a chance to connect, to reflect on the year and most importantly, to dance on the dancefloor. Too often, year-end functions can be boring and repetitive. It's the same routine every year...and the year before...and the year before that... you get the picture. South African employees generally agree that less than 10% of them are actively involved in their work.

This is where the year-end function comes in.

This is a chance for you to try something new. To explore new ideas and to reengage and revitalize the workforce.

No more boring teambuilding exercises. It's over. Only one year to look back on the end function.

It's not too much, is it?

You can even host virtual events or innovative teambuilding programs using modern technology. You just need a little creativity. You can also find some creative ideas for year-end functions.

We've created this guide to help you plan your year-end function, whether you are convinced or not. We will cover the basics as well as some great ideas to help you get started.

Let's get started!

What's a year-end function?

A year end function, which is the grand finale, marks the end of a long year. There are no rules about what you can or cannot do. Year-end parties are usually a party with all staff.

Many times, there are teambuilding activities to encourage people to participate. You will likely find a meal, a bar and a dance floor. Rinse and Repeat. It's something we've done before and it's likely that we will again.

It's no surprise that many year-end functions get out of control. People are bored. They are rebelling against the HR low engagement party.

It's not the fault of HR. Many companies place the planning for the year's end on top of all other functions. It is unfair - to anyone.

Why does a company have a year-end function?

All of this raises the question: Why do companies bother with year-end functions?

This is a sign that we have lost sight of the purpose of their existence. The year-end function isn’t a formality, it’s a necessity.

Year end functions are not only a time for employees to get together, but also a chance for friends to be made and an opportunity to unwind - outside the office. It's also a huge thank you! Companies must meet their employees halfway if they want to reengage them. They must show their appreciation for their hard work.

Here's where creativity comes in.

Stories from past year's end functions become company legend. People will tell funny stories and recall their past years many years later. This builds trust between employees and the company. This is the ultimate experience in team building.

It is unlikely that it will ever happen at the annual year-end function. It won't happen when everyone is rushing off to their homes shortly after dinner.

It must break down barriers for a year-end function to be successful. It must encourage people from all departments to mix - even those who work remotely.

If you are thinking of planning your year-end function, consider the possibilities. Think of a company-building and enthusiasm-building event. It's a time to have fun, laugh, and dance with your staff. It's a day of real meaning and real value.

This is what a year-end function can do... and so much more.

How can you plan a year-end function?

I hope you are now convinced of the importance of year-end functions. What should you do if your old ideas about year end functions aren't cutting it?

This is a great question with many answers. We'll be discussing how to organize.

  1. It is for whom?

It sounds simple, right? This is for employees.

Yes! But who are they? Which age group are they? What is the office culture like? What do they like?

If you are planning an event or party for someone, it is important to think about them first. This is also true for year-end functions. More interactive and exciting activities will be more suitable if your company has young professionals. If your workplace has a more professional and serene culture, then a glamorous, elegant casino royale might be more appropriate.

You can help by creating a mindmap of possible ideas that is based on a few key characteristics of your group. Remember the basic lesson: Put the employees first.

After all, it is their year-end function.

  1. Choose your venue

After you have a few ideas, it is time to choose your venue. This should reflect your event or theme.

You can find everything from the most luxurious hotels to the finest restaurants in venues. You could also rent a boat or a club. It all depends on the budget and where your guests are willing to travel.

Think about how many people will be there and how to make them socialize. A cocktail party is a great way to enjoy the company of friends and have fun while people talk the night away.

Let's say you decide to have a meal at your venue. Does it offer food and drinks? Are there enough chairs and tables? Are there enough chairs and tables?

Decor is another important consideration. Do you need to customize the theme or will the venue be able to handle it?

There is no right answer. It all comes down to personal preference. It's important to think things through.

  1. To drink or not drink?

Alcohol is a common component of most evening events. This can be quite amazing. It loosens the tongue, which can help people relax. Alcohol also helps to break down the cliquey nature in departments and encourages people to mix. After a few cocktails, it's hard not to dance the night away.

However, there is one drawback.

A great year-end party can be ruined by too much alcohol. You should think about how to make alcohol fun without sacrificing the fun.

  1. What is your entertainment?

DJs. Bands Keynote speakers. Interactive games. These games can make or break an entire year. These are the WOW factor. They are the cherry on top.

There are many options available. Keep your overall theme in mind. It is a bit strange to dive into a hip hop group after a dinner at a top-quality restaurant. A cabaret singer is not going to be a good fit for a day on a boat.

A DJ is always available if you have any questions. They can accommodate any theme or style.

You can also try something more original for your year-end functions. You could try a murder mystery, a casino or a class in cocktail-making. These fun activities engage people. They're sure to bring out some laughter.

The CEO goes all-in at the casino. Chuckle as HR's lady puts too much rum into her mojito. You might be surprised to find out that your boss is the murderer!

Does that sound fun? It is. You just need a little imagination.

What should you do for a year-end function in Pretoria

Pretoria's bustling city is home to everything from the Voortrekker Monument, Loftus Versfeld Stadium and more. There are many shops, restaurants, bars and clubs along the streets.

This makes it even more difficult to choose the right venue. Don't worry, we have plenty of ideas.

  1. A classic meal: Nothing is better than sharing delicious food with friends and colleagues. A meal doesn't have to be expensive. Pretoria is home to many great restaurants. Here are some of our favorites:
    1. Fermier. This is the number one restaurant in the area. Fermier is known for its high-quality food and impeccable service. Even if the food is a bit expensive, you can expect impeccable service and value.
    2. Burger bistro. Although it may not be fancy but it is delicious. Enjoy a juicy burger with fries and then go out into the city.
    3. Tin Roof Cafe. Modern, vibrant Italian cuisine, served in a beautiful outdoor setting. This is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle.
  2. Get all dressed up! Hire a stunning venue like Leribisi lodge to host your employees. Pick your theme and get to work.
  3. The Collection - Here you have the option to choose from the tranquil outdoor garden, the retro sports pub or the Jasmine Hall (with its own courtyard and bar). They can cater to any group of people, regardless of their size.

These are just a few suggestions to help you get started. Let us take care of everything! We are experts at event management here at BW Productions. The entire show will be managed by us, from entertainment to venue.

We can help you organize an unforgettable night in Pretoria for your year-end function.

What should you do for a Johannesburg year-end function?

  1. Play all you want: At Vegas Nights, Blackjack, Poker and Craps are available. This is the perfect venue to host a year-end function. Don't forget your tuxedo and get ready to count your chips.
  2. African Pride Mount Grace Country House & Spa The name oozes style. African Pride Mount Grace Country House is the perfect venue for an unforgettable event. It's a more expensive option than others, but it's the perfect way to end a remarkable year.
  3. Greensleeves This one's pure fun. You'll enjoy a variety of delicious grub and flagons at this medieval kingdom. Your hosts, dressed in full costume, will wait for your every request. Let's celebrate like it's 1395
  4. Go to the beach. Joburg can't go to Joburg's beach. Clubview is located between Joburg & Pretoria and offers 800m 2 of sandy beach. You can send the year out in style
  5. The Garden Venue Boutique Hotel - Rock n Roll and Night of the Stars. Carnival, Masquerade Ball and Carnival. For any of their unique year-end functions, the Garden Venue Boutique Hotel can host between 12 and 300 guests.

You can't go wrong if you are planning a Johannesburg year-end function.

What should you do for a year-end function in Durban?

  1. The sea. Your employees will be able to marvel at the magnificent sea creatures while they enjoy lunch or dinner at the Ushaka Marine World Aquarium. There are three-course menus available and decor items.
  2. Sky Bar Venue. It's a breathtaking 360o panorama view that is unbeatable. Up to 150 people can enjoy the night on the 31 th floor at the Maharani tower, way above the city lights. It's truly amazing!
  3. AmmaZulu African Palace. This venue is located just outside of the city and is not to be missed. Your guests will enjoy the view of the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve as they dine, drink, and relax. This is a hidden gem!
  4. Durban Country Club. It would be impossible to list all the best venues in town without mentioning the most exclusive. The Durban Country Club coordinator can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 250 guests. It never disappoints.
  5. The Bond Shed. Fine Dining. Delicious cocktails. You have the beach right at your doorstep. You can do something new with a cocktail party near Durban's stunning waterfront. The talent of the mixologists behind this bar will amaze you.

Which one would you choose if you were to hold a year-end function in Durban?

What can you do to celebrate the year-end function in Cape Town?

  1. Visit a vineyard. South Africa is known for its wine, so why not try their wines at an end of the year function? The Hazendal vineyard, located on the edge Cape Town, is rich in history. It's the perfect location for year-end functions, with catering and function rooms available.
  2. The Ranch. This place is party-time in the Wild Wild West, as the name implies. You can enjoy line dancing, bucking and saloon shooting. They can accommodate up to 450 guests. It's time to get your cowboy boots on, mate.
  3. Rent a boat. You can go along the Atlantic coast and hire a boat from a number of operators that cater to year-end functions. You can even find a Braai and a DJ onboard!
  4. Whodunnit? The perfect way to spice up the night is with murder mysteries. The Alphen Boutique Hotel & Spa is the perfect location. There is no better place to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and delicious food.
  5. Cook together. Giggling Gourmet allows employees to have fun while they cook. This is more than a team building exercise. This is a great event that will be remembered for many months.

Are you planning a Cape Town year-end function? Did any of these ideas appeal to you?


This is it! This is your ultimate guide for planning an end-of-the-year function in South Africa.

Year-end functions don't need to be boring or monotonous. We don't want the same functions as in years past. We can all plan a night that we will remember for the rest of our lives with a little imagination and thought.

Not everyone has the time or ability to plan.

BW Productions was created to organize, plan, and run the most memorable year-end functions. You'll find tons of unique and exciting ideas for year-end functions to choose from. A contact book with entertainment and venues.

Let us deal with the pressure if it is.

Don't let another year pass. It is time to reengage South Africa’s employees. It is time to foster loyalty and camaraderie.