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Stay Safe While Running With The Talon Stun Gun Flashlight

Dec 1

The Talon stun gun flashlight is ideal for ensuring your safety while running. Talon stun guns are now available in NY, MA, NJ, DC, WI, and MI!

Runners will love it! It's lightweight, fits comfortably in the hand, and produces 18 million volts/4.7 milliamps. To fire the unit, simply close your fist. Your adversary will be temporarily blinded by the 120 lumen flashlight. This Talon stun gun flashlight combo is now available in New York!

With this knuckle stun gun, you can deliver a lightning punch!

The Talon is a very powerful stun gun that fits comfortably and effortlessly in the hand. Because the Talon's trigger is disguised by the palm of the hand, a fast press of the stun pistol is all it takes to send 18 million volts through an assailant. The sound of the Talon's stun could prevent a deadly scenario from escalating! It features a 120 Lumen LED flashlight with a rubberized coating for a secure grip. The Talon can be carried in your hand, pocket, or in the accompanying nylon belt holster. The Talon includes a charging connection to keep the stun gun and flashlight charged. Rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries are used.


4.7 milliamps, depending on the battery charge
18,000,000 volts
Measurers Rechargeable Dimensions: 3 14" x 3 1/8" x 1"

Rubberized Coating on Nylon Belt Loop Holster
With The Palm Of Your Hand, You Can Activate It.
Black and Pink are the two hues available.