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Thin Wall Beta Gamma Detector For Beta Or Gamma Measurement Product Profile

Apr 5

Beta Gamma Detector With Thin Walls For Beta And Gamma Measurement

The Thin Wall Beta Gamma Detector is made by Nucleonix Systems [P] Ltd and is used to measure Beta or Gamma. Nucleonix Systems [P] Ltd is certified to ISO 9001:2000. It's a sensitive GM tube that's utilized in some radiation monitors as a Beta-Gamma probe and as a garment probe in personnel monitors. This product has a maximum length of 5.6 inches and a maximum diameter range of 0.63 inches. The Thin Wall Beta Gamma Detector's operating temperature ranges from 40 to + 75 degrees Celsius. The tin filter is 0.15 inches thick and constructed of tin. For Beta or gamma measurement, a Thin Wall Beta Gamma Detector requires a maximum starting voltage of 400V, with an operating voltage range of 450 to 700V.

Geiger Tubes with Thick and Thin Walls

The Geiger counter, also known as the Geiger-Mueller counter, is an electrical instrument that detects ionizing radiation of various forms. The counter was created by two scientists in 1928 and is named for them. Hans Geiger was Mueller's teacher. The Geiger counter is frequently used in radiation dosimetry, radiological protection, experimental physics, and the nuclear industry, among other uses. The Geiger-Müller tube (the sensing device that detects the radiation) and the processing electronics that display the result make up a Geiger counter.

The ionization effect generated in a Geiger–Müller tube, which gives the device its name, can detect ionizing radiation such as alpha and beta particles, neutrons, and gamma rays. The voltage of the detector is adjusted to match the Geiger-Mueller region's conditions.

Geiger tubes are available in two types: thick-walled and thin-walled, both of which are windowless. Gamma rays have minimal difficulty entering the chamber's metal walls. As a result, Geiger counters can detect gamma radiation and X-rays (thin-walled tubes), which are collectively known as photons, and the windowless tube is utilized for this purpose.

A Geiger-Mueller tube with a "pancake" design is sometimes preferred. This detector is a flat Geiger tube with a bigger area thin mica window. "Pancake" tubes are flat Geiger tubes like this one. To protect such tubes, a wire screen is installed. This design gives a bigger detecting area and, as a result, improved efficiency, allowing for faster inspection. Due to the restricted strength of the window membrane, the pressure of the environment against the low pressure of the fill gas restricts the window size.