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Used Toyota Corolla Altis Overview

May 11

The Toyota Altis is considered one of the most popular sedans in the country. And with customers' expectations becoming higher and higher, Toyota is also inspired to continuously improve this car over the years.

With the increasing demand for Toyota Corolla Altis, both new and used, one may wonder what's behind the popularity. It's a good idea to check what this car has to offer.

The Corolla Altis is known for its five important features:

  1. Sharp and sleek exterior design

The exterior design of the Corolla Altis stands out because of its sharp and sleek design with solid lines which gives it a more robust look. Toyota is one brand that pays attention not only to features but to appearance too.

Although this car comes in different variants, they all share similar innovative looks including the chrome-plated door handles, curvy chrome grille in the front, LED headlamps, and front fog lamps among others. There's minimal contouring in the exterior which gives this car that sophisticated look.

  1. Ride comfort

This sedan's cabin is quite spacious for five people. It is decided to be wide and clean, with adequate headroom for as long as the passenger is not six-footer. Both the front and rear occupants would feel cozy and comfortable given the amount of space available. 

Moreover, the use of NVH insulation makes a quiet cabin which means that you'll rarely hear all the noise from inside. 

  1. Advanced technology

The Corolla Altis is adequately equipped with modern technology to make your driving experience more convenient, enjoyable and safe. Everything is run electronically and power assisted. Although it does not support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, it does have a decent 6-speaker setup. 

Moreover, this car also comes with sensors and rear camera to assist you with parking. The adaptive cruise control as well as other lane-keeping aids also help keep you safe on the road. 

As safety is one of Toyota's top features, the Corolla Altis features seven airbags, ISOFIX child tethers, ABS with EBD, stability control, and seat belt reminders across the different variants. And that's not all. The top-spec Corolla Altis Hybrid is also the first Toyota car in the country that comes with Toyota Safety Sense. This feature includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane-keep assist, pre-collision system and automatic high beam among others. 

  1. Powerful Driving Performance

The Toyota Altis has a lower center of gravity which in turn increases stability control, whether you are driving on straight or curvy roads. Aside from that, the top variant also features a refined MacPherson strut front suspension system that allows for smoother and efficient driving. 

  1. Reliable Safety System 

The Corolla Altis has a reinforced front that will absorb shock during head-on collision. There are also structural body rings that will prevent dents in the event that you collide with another vehicle. Moreover, to provide additional safety to the passengers, this car also features 7 SRS airbags as a standard option. 

  1. Great Infotainment System

This car is not only about toughness and safety but it also comes with a great infotainment system to make your trips more enjoyable. The infotainment system includes a touch screen display audio, CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, front and rear speakers and a USB / AUX port. In addition, it does support Apple CarPlay and T-Connect Telematics. 


A used Toyota Corolla Altis is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a robust, safe and reliable pre-owned car. Toyota indeed did not skimp in loading this car with a great range of features that can make your driving experience even better. There are different variants of Toyota Altis in Thailand which include the Limo, Hybrid Mid, 1.6G, Hybrid Entry, Hybrid High and GR Sport. Some of the features we mentioned may only be available in specific variants so make sure to check the car you are buying to ensure that it has the features you are looking for.