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Jul 14

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Exponential Organizations is a new way of being in business that redefines what it means to be successful in today’s innovation-driven economy.


The concept of the Exponential Organizations developed by Salim Ismail is a holistic framework for achieving dramatic performance improvements and rapid innovation. It is based on the premise that today’s businesses must constantly grow and innovate to survive.


To make this happen, Exponential Organizations need to have an MTP (a massive transformative purpose) and need to take on SCALE and IDEAS1 attributes seeking growth opportunities; empowering innovation; leveraging disruption; aligning with purpose; embracing exponential technologies; building exponential teams; engaging customers/users/stakeholders in new ways.


In October 2014, Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it) was released. In 2015, OpenExO and its community undertook an Exponential Quotient (EXQ) assessment for the Fortune 100 companies. The approach was validated by the Hult Business school and thereon published in the form of a Fortune 100 ExQ list. ExQ examined these companies in terms of their exponential thinking and doing (irrespective of whether they have been making the exponential moves on their own, OR by getting inspired by the ExO framework OR in fact with the active support of the OpenExO community). You can get your ExQ score here.


With the updated version of Exponential Organizations being released in the Fall of 2022, the top-ranked Exponential Organization and their bottom non-exponential peers amongst the Fortune100 companies were assessed vis-a-vis the latest Fortune rankings and their financial performance over the years. Leading the efforts to compile the data and with the assistance of the community was Chander Nagpal, ExO Coach, and Trainer.

The list of companies assessed is the aggregate of Fortune 2021 and Fortune 2014 listings. There have been obviously a few companies who were part of the 2014 listing but not anymore in Fortune 2021 top 100 rankings, and also a few new entrants. A total of 120 companies were assessed. The results highlight that becoming and staying exponential has an extraordinary impact.


In an interview between Salim Ismail, best-selling author, founding executive director of Singularity University and Co-founder and Chairman of OpenExO, and Peter H. Diamandis, best-selling author, founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation and executive founder of Singularity University, they discussed the release of the Fortune 100 data and their insights on what the data means.


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