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TextBuilder Review and Overview

Nov 21

Articles and affiliate reviews that convert well are what excels at composing. Immediate improvement in your article quality.

It employs AI to produce content, which eliminates the need for manual labor-intensive writing. Top-notch examples of various types of content (listicles, blog articles, product descriptions) are all generated using this tool.

The quality of the stuff it creates has astonished and pleased me. I had no idea that AI could be utilized to write such lengthy pieces.

To replace Frase, Jasper, GoCharlie, or Rytr, use TextBuilder instead.

Practical Examples

Extended Form Content for Blogs

When used with the AI Writer, you can produce lengthy, high-quality articles 10 times quicker, in a matter of minutes. Bloggers may really benefit from this in terms of time savings.

Review Resources

AI Builder's capacity to generate evaluations for Amazon products is what first drew me to the service. Marketers that use Amazon's affiliate program may find this information useful. In this regard, it excels even beyond that of typical affiliate content writers.

Forms for Writing Proposals

Copywriters may overcome writer's block with the aid of the numerous available copywriting templates.

Copy for Use in Ads and Online

Ads, YouTube video scripts, email campaigns, blog introductions, blog outlines, company expansion ideas, and more may all be generated with its help.




Features included in the TextBuilder Lifetime Deal are detailed below.

Article, title, social networking, SEO, Top 10s, and product review templates are just some of the many features it offers.

Paragraph generators produce fantastic work that is 100% original. Many individuals will appreciate this Amazon review template.

Rapid Power Production: Money is time. Thanks to cutting-edge GPT technology that allows for simultaneous processing and output, was able to drastically boost the rate at which it generates text. Instead of using GPT-3, they employ cutting-edge AI for text creation, operating on ultra-fast GPU cloud servers with their own trained models. Because of this, we can generate text SO FAST that it will blow your mind. In about 2–5 seconds, you may see the outcomes.

Never Use Copied Content: Genuine writing is always preferred. To create the most original writings that can pass Copyscape testing, TextBuilder uses its own trained GPT-J, GPT-Neox, and GPT-3 to generate content.

You may be certain that you will get first-rate assistance in the event that anything goes wrong or you just have questions. Help from's team is prompt and kind. Their staff members have extensive expertise.

There are already established frameworks and I don't have to develop any additional affiliate infrastructures because of the templates provided.

I've never seen anything quite like "AI Writer," but it seems fascinating. Outstandingly creative and artfully carried out each and every time. In addition to the standard editor, all subscription tiers of also include access to a dedicated long-form copywriter (including free).

Quick Progress In Development: I often see developer updates. There has been an advancement since yesterday, but I need to wait till today to implement it.

Rapidly Produced Output: TextBuilder's response times are incredible. You may expect speeds around five times faster than the next rival. Simple instructions may be found in the "Input Form," and the results are reliable.

Built and educated for the sole goal of producing product evaluations and listicles for affiliate websites, it is tailor-made for its intended audience.

Superior Outcomes: However, unlike many other AI writing tools, TextBuilder does not have significant problems with repetition or poor-quality content. No matter how often I use it, I always like it.

100% Original Content: Text written using TextBuilder is almost always completely original.

Produces high-quality blog material consistently, which search engines will reward. The standard format for a blog post includes an introduction, a conclusion, and a call to action.

There are more than ninety different templates available in TextBuilder. There is a logical progression from one set of tools/templates to the next.
Help - The creator is active in the TextBuilder Facebook group and provides excellent help for existing users.



In Brief

TextBuilder stands out among the various available artificial intelligence writers because of its specialized focus. Bloggers will find it useful.

A seasoned affiliate marketer who has made a living via Amazon and other affiliate programs created He has mastered the art of writing articles that rank high on search engines.

So that you, too, can produce professional-quality blogs and profit from affiliate marketing, he has included this information in TextBuilder's AI models.

Despite the abundance of AI writers, TextBuilder seems to be a good option since it was developed specifically for affiliate marketers.

  • Perfect for Partners
  • Simple to operate
  • The required time to become proficient is little

It may help you create content for your affiliate sites, such as articles, reviews, and descriptions of videos.

The objective is to assist you in producing steady, high-quality content for use in affiliate marketing.