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The Importance of a Title IX Lawyer

May 31

The effects of a Title IX charge can last much longer than the initial sanctions levied against the accused student. They can impact future employment and educational pursuits as well as current financial aid. An experienced lawyer will minimize the negative impact on your life and future of these proceedings.

The impact of a Title IX lawsuit on a student’s reputation is the most significant. Students accused of sexual misconduct may find that they are not wanted by their peers. They may lose their social memberships to fraternities, sororities and athletic teams. Interim measures like no-contact orders may also limit a respondent’s ability to take part in student activities. A negative reputation may also be difficult for a respondent to overcome in the context of a job search, or even when networking.

A student may also face academic penalties as a result of a Title IX investigation and hearing, such as suspension or expulsion. This can significantly limit a student's options for their future, including the loss of the opportunity to attend a desired college or university, or even a career path they have been working towards. A Title IX Lawyer Chicago  who is knowledgeable can help protect the rights of a student during the investigative or disciplinary process. They can also argue to overturn or rescind any punishments imposed by universities.

In order to successfully defend Title IX, it is important to challenge the investigators’ interpretation of the evidence. Investigators who are working on a Title IX case should evaluate the evidence objectively, without relying on their "gut feelings" or implicit prejudices. Unfortunately, that is not always the situation. A New York Title IX lawyer will leave no stone unturned in the evaluation of evidence, ensuring that an investigator's actions do not negatively impact the outcome of the case.

Title IX, a federal law, prohibits discrimination based on gender in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance. These programs include colleges, universities, and K-12 schools; federally funded loan programs for post-secondary students; vocational training at correctional facilities; state parks that receive federal funding to conduct forestry workshops and boater education programs; and local courses on how to start a small business sponsored by a local chamber of commerce that receives funds from the Small Business Administration.

In the context of these programs, Title IX defines sexual harassment as unwanted, non-consensual touching, oral and written threats, sexual harrassment, and other sexual misconduct. The act requires the schools to investigate any allegations and to keep their findings confidential. Students have the rights to a fair, impartial hearing and to present witnesses or evidence in their own defense. Tully Rinckey has New York Title IX lawyers who can ensure your rights are upheld throughout the whole process, from the internal investigation of the school to any subsequent courtroom trial if needed. Tully Rinckey's attorneys have a long history of defending student rights to an impartial and fair investigation.

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