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Different Types of Commercial Mixers are Available

Jun 24

When large amounts of food ingredients need mixing, restaurants turn to EvenMix New Location to get the job done. These mixers can be used to mix a variety of foods, from batter for cakes and brownies to sauces and marinades and even mashed potatoes or pizza dough. These mixers can be found in a wide range of sizes to suit different needs and work with different types of foods.

These commercial mixers are often designed to be used in conjunction with intermediate bulk containers, or IBC totes. IBC totes are commonly used for transporting and storing ingredients and supplies in warehouses, food processing plants and other locations that require easy access to materials. These totes are constructed using a process known as rotomolding, in which a soft material is coated inside of a mold to give the finished container its shape. These totes have an integral shipping pallet base design that makes them convenient for movement with a forklift.

Commercial mixers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate the varied needs of restaurants and other businesses. The size and type of mixer that a business chooses depends on the types of food it serves, the volume of food that is produced and how much space is available in the kitchen.

Many types of commercial mixers are available, including planetary and spiral models. These are ideal for dough-centric operations, such as a bakery or pizza restaurant, because they minimize heat input into yeasted doughs. A spiral mixer can help ensure that dough is mixed properly, without overworking it and causing gluten to break down prematurely.

Depending on the type of mixer, there are different types of attachments that can be added to the machine. These can include a flat beater, which is ideal for mixing various batters and incorporating liquid ingredients. A wire whip consists of wire strands and is best for preparing puddings, custards, whipped cream and light frosting. A pastry knife is a thin dough hook, perfect for pie and cookie doughs. A bowl scraper is a handy accessory that scrapes the sides of the mixing bowl as the agitator turns, reducing ingredient waste and saving time.

In addition to the basic mixing tool, some models of commercial mixers also feature a meat grinder and grater for slicing vegetables and other foods. They are also capable of being fitted with other specialty tools, such as a shredder for cheese and vegetable shredding.

When choosing a commercial mixer, it is important to consider the power capabilities of the motor. Higher powered models generally have more speed options and the ability to handle thicker, heavier mixes. It is also a good idea to consider a gear-driven transmission, which allows the machine to maintain consistent speeds no matter the thickness of the mixture. Additionally, look for a timer that can be set to remind employees to shut the machine down when it is finished. These features can reduce the risk of food contamination and make it easier for employees to work efficiently.

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