9 Professional Sports Unions Release Statement Opposing New Voting Restrictions

9 Professional Sports Unions Release Statement Opposing New Voting Restrictions

The turmoil over changing Republican electoral laws in several states in what appears to be voting restrictions on minority voters has led many people to speak out against the recent changes. Several corporate CEOs have issued statements, and in Georgia, the backlash affected the sports industry and local economy when Major League Baseball pulled its upcoming all-star event out of Peach State.

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Nine professional sports leagues recently issued a statement to demonstrate a unity of strength against recently introduced new voting restrictions.

“In recent months, state lawmakers across the country have proposed bills and new laws that could make it difficult for ordinary citizens to cast their ballots in future terms when they are passed. Today, nine (9) major sports unions in North America announce their joint opposition to this legislative effort aimed at restricting the right to vote and join hundreds of individuals, foundations and corporations in advocating for democracy:

“We stand for democracy.

Government of the people, by the people.

A beautiful American ideal, but a reality that many have been denied for much of this nation’s history.

As Americans, we know that in our democracy we shouldn’t expect us to agree on everything.

Regardless of our political affiliation, however, we believe that the foundation of our electoral process lies in the ability of each and every one of us to cast our ballots for the candidates of our choice.

In order for American democracy to work for each of us, we must ensure that we all have the right to vote.

We should all feel obliged to defend the right to vote and to reject discriminatory laws or measures that restrict or prevent an elector from having an equal and fair chance to cast a vote.

Voting is the lifeblood of our democracy, and we urge all Americans to join us in standing up impartially for this most fundamental right of all Americans. “


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