A Democratic Rep. Is In search of To Have Rudy Giuliani Disbarred

Rudy Giuliani

A Democratic representative in New Jersey has filed a complaint against President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to obtain his lockdown.

Rep. Bill Pascrell, who serves as the representative of New Jersey's 9th Congressional District, accused the former New York mayor of filing ridiculous lawsuits to question the validity and safety of the elections and to help Trump start the democratic process in America dismantle to The Independent.

Pascrell filed complaints with the disciplinary boards in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and New York last week. He also called for Giuliani and 22 other Trump attorneys to receive the "strictest sanction" of revoking their license to practice law.

"Mr. Giuliani has participated in frivolous lawsuits and used our country's courts to attack public confidence in the United States' electoral system and to violate New York code of conduct," wrote Rep Pascrell in the complaint. "So I urge you Office to commence an immediate investigation into his actions and consider sanctions for his conduct, including revoking Mr. Giuliani's licenses to exercise the right in your jurisdiction. "

Democratic candidate Joe Biden was declared the planned winner on November 7th. Since then, Trump has filed numerous lawsuits in Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Almost all of them were either released or thrown away.

At least 36 cases must have been filed, according to NBC News, including some that do not directly concern Trump but that could affect his reputation. At least 25 have been rejected, fired, settled, or withdrawn.

More than two weeks after the election, Trump finally signed the transition to the Biden administration, which allowed members to attend secret meetings and briefings, and opened $ 6 million in funds to aid the transition.

Pascrell also believes that 22 of Trump's attorneys, who were not named Rudy Giuliani, and whom he referred to as enablers, "should be brought to justice" for their crimes against our nation and constitution.

"Donald Trump and members of his administration have committed countless crimes against the United States," said Pascrell, claiming that the Trump administration and its lawyers had "committed treason, betrayal."