A YouTuber Hangs His Personal Shingle With an Public sale Web site

A YouTuber Hangs His Own Shingle With an Auction Website

This audience helped launch Cars & Bids.

With the sudden flurry of submissions, Mr DeMuro quickly got to work on his backyard patio with co-founder Blake Machado and the four other members of the team dealing with the onslaught as they tried to socialize.

On one of the top auto auction sites, eBay Motors, sellers submit pictures and write a description. Cars & Bids wanted all offers to contain the same information. This required editorial control. Sellers are required to complete a detailed questionnaire and submit over 100 photos. It's a contemporary process.

"It felt exhausting to me, but they held my hand out the whole time," said Nick Szabo, 33, a St. Louis marketing product manager who recently listed his Porsche 944 Turbo on the website.

Even if the team is busy working, five more submissions would come in once they settled on a reserve price for a car.

Mr. DeMuro built this audience with a personal touch. He comes out like a buddy telling you about a cool car. He rarely advertises products and avoids gimmicks. For half an hour at a time, he deals intensively with all the quirks and features of a car.

"I chose Cars & Bids because I follow Doug DeMuro's channel," said Andrew Johnson, who works for Authentic Motorcars in Redmond, Washington, and who spoke to Mr. DeMuro to bring him a few cars for review bring. Johnson, 31, sold his 2002 upscale BMW X5 for $ 12,700 on the job site.

Bring a Trailer is Cars & Bids' closest competition. Both websites combine online auctions with a Facebook comment section. Sellers, potential buyers, and bystanders often have lively discussions for each car, adding to the fun of seeing bids up.