AGW Skeptic Marc Morano Receives DEATH THREAT From Sorbonne College Professor’s E mail Account – Watts Up With That?

AGW Skeptic Marc Morano Receives DEATH THREAT From Sorbonne University Professor’s Email Account – Watts Up With That?

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By P Gosselin on January 1, 2021

"Even in the US we have friends waiting to massacre you" … "A murderer will always be very close"

Two days ago, December 30th, the science skeptic of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) was Marc Morano received another email threat through the contact form on its Climate Depot website.

The e-mail account of climate researcher Prof. Jean-Luc Melice seems to be the source of a gross death threat aimed at the well-known climate science skeptic Marc Morano.

Professor at the Sorbonne University

The death threat was made using an email account from Prof. Jean-Luc Mélice, a respected climate model researcher and director at the Pierre Simon Laplace Institute at Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

It's the latest in a series of threats targeting Climate Depot's Marc Morano. See background here.

What follows is the contents of the latest email threat translated into English (warning: disturbing language):

From: Anonymous
Email: [email protected]
Message: So the little shit from Morano the idiot, the negro from Africa, you have to start shitting in your pants. With your dirty monkey mouth. As soon as you enter Europe we will tear down with a baseball bat. We have friends in the USA too I am waiting to massacre you. There is no longer any place to hide. We have your address and we will follow you step by step. You will never be able to rest … A murderer will always be very close

Of course, asshole, you don't have the intellectual level and the brain to understand French, which is the language of every educated person … "

The message contains not only graphical death threats but also racial hatred. According to the LinkedIn account of Prof. Jean-Luc Mélice, he is a faculty member at the Sorbonne University.

No comment from Prof. Mélice

To clarify the matter, NTZ emailed Prof. Mélice directly to ask if he knew that his email account had been illegally misused:

Dear Prof. Mélice,

Please check your email account as it will be used to send improper emails and messages, especially to people who are critical of climate science. A hacker may have breached your account and is using it illegally.
Hope this helps you and that you are fine.
Best wishes for 2021,

Dipl.-Ing. Pierre Gosselin "

No response has been received yet. In the meantime, Marc Morano said he would take the threats seriously and contact the authorities.

Unfriendly comment on NTZ

On the same day, December 30th, had also received an unkind comment from someone who claimed to be Prof. Mélice:

In English:

So Pierre Gosselin,

Are you trying to play smart?

I believe the only solution for you is to get into a retirement home quickly.

I would love if you send me your résumé, which must be lousy … and your academic publications.

Greetings, Jean-Luc Mélice.

Cyber ​​crime

It is not clear whether the major threats to Marc Morano really come from Prof. Mélice or from a hacker. If this is not the case, Prof. Mélice has the minimum obligation to ensure that his account is not used to commit crimes and will hopefully notify the authorities to bring this situation under control.

And hopefully the authorities will act and do justice.


Overall, such threats emanating from a professor's email account are a shame for the academic community and the Paris-based Sorbonne University.

And it would be an even bigger shame if the authorities didn't act.

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