Alibaba faces antitrust probe – .

Alibaba faces antitrust probe – TechCrunch

Chinese authorities are investigating an e-commerce giant, Google may be stepping up research, and VCs are burdening the biggest surprises of the year. This is your (shorter than usual) daily crisis for December 24th, 2020.

The big story: Alibaba is facing an antitrust investigation

China's state administration for market regulation announced that it is investigating the e-commerce giant over a policy that forces merchants to sell exclusively with Alibaba and to skip rival platforms and Pinduoduo.

"Alibaba will be actively working with regulators on the investigation," the company said in a statement. "The company's business operations will remain normal."

In the meantime, the Chinese authorities have already canceled the IPO of the Alibaba subsidiary Ant Group, and the company has now received another "meeting notice" from regulators.

Vacation bag

Google is reportedly stepping up research on "sensitive topics" – Reuters reports, citing company researchers and internal documents, that Google introduced new controls last year, including an additional round of inspections for items on specific topics.

Five VCs discuss what surprised them the most in 2020. The latest installment of Equity reflects a year no one could have predicted.

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Advice and analysis of extra crunch

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