An End to WUWT Ad Frustration – Watts Up With That?

An End to WUWT Ad Frustration – Watts Up With That?

We’re thinking about getting rid of ads, much to the fanfare of many readers. In contrast to the favorite meme on the left that we campaign for “Big Oil”, the reality is that we are not, never have been and never will be. WUWT’s “Big Oil” donations are about as real and valuable as these emissions certificates.

We don’t get that much of the ads and lately it seems like it’s gotten too intrusive and is slowing the site down. In fact, our ad partner is delivering more ads than ever for even less returns. The law seems to be to reduce returns in action.

If we eliminated advertising, we would move to a fundraising model and fundraising on a regular basis. Some of you have already set up monthly donations and we are very grateful for that.

Of course, both Charles and I are excited to see how our audience will react to this. So we set up these two surveys to help with our strategic planning.

Thank you again for the great support we have received in both emails and comments, and of course for your generous financial contributions.

Anthony Watts, Charles Rotter

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