Argentina nice Maradona hospitalized

Argentina great Maradona hospitalized

Argentine legend Diego Maradona was hospitalized in the city of La Plata. His personal doctor said the World Cup winner "needs to stay hydrated, do blood tests and conduct studies".

Dr. Leopoldo Luque told ESPN F90 in Argentina that "there is no emergency here" and that Maradona "can go if he wants".

"My idea is to have him at least three days to check on him and keep him under control," said Luque, adding, "Maradona is mentally ill and it can affect your physical health."

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Maradona, who celebrated his 60th birthday on Friday and heads the first division Gimnasia La Plata, was present in Gimnasia's 3-0 win against Patronato before kicking off.

Maradona canceled Gimnasia's first training days in August as a precautionary measure to avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19 as he is included in the risk group

Since ending his career in 1997, the ex-star from Napoli, Barcelona and Boca Juniors has grappled with a number of health problems. He was hospitalized in January 2019 with internal gastric bleeding. He also fell ill at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where he passed out in an executive box during the game between Argentina and Nigeria.

In 2004 he was hospitalized with severe heart and breathing problems related to a long battle against drug addiction. He has undergone two gastric bypass surgeries to control his weight and has also been treated for alcohol abuse.