Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins says receivers ought to get counted yards for go interference

Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins says receivers should get counted yards for pass interference

TEMPE, Arizona – The Arizona Cardinals recipient DeAndre Hopkins may have only scored three hits on seven goals in Sunday's loss to the Miami Dolphins, but the other four games resulted in defensive passing flags being thrown.

All four penalties were against Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard. Three of them were accepted, which earned the Cardinals 42 yards in their 34:31 loss to Miami.

"As long as the ball is moving, that's all I care," said Hopkins, who had three catches 30 yards long. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Howard's four pass interference penalties were the highest in a single game for the past 20 seasons.

While pleased that the penalties helped the Cardinals leave the field, Hopkins believes they should benefit the recipients too.

"I think the rule should change," said Hopkins, "and recipients should be counted for penalties."

Hopkins, who led the NFL in receiving yards and receptions on Week 9, wasn't upset about the reduction in his performance on Sunday, even with a loss. It was Hopkins' lowest game that season.

"I was very happy," said Hopkins. "Though we didn't win. That's probably the only thing I was crazy about, but not my catches or degrees. If a guy has to hold you when a ball gets in your way every time, I think that's a sign respect for that. "

When Hopkins returned to watch the games with the four defensive pass interference penalties, he found himself either able to catch the ball or in a position to have the advantage of catching the ball every time.

"That's what you want," said Hopkins. "They want to be able to be in the best position to get the catch or the downfield where they need to because when a DB does that they know they are beaten, which helps the team. Most PIs are downfield, which is a 20-30 yard game. And we look at those explosive games that explosive games win. "