As cancellations and opt-outs swirl, 9-2 Military left with out bowl sport, opponent

As cancellations and opt-outs swirl, 9-2 Army left without bowl game, opponent

Army, who won 9-2 that season, couldn't get a partner to play a bowl game.

Army had a primary agreement to play at the Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl, but the game was canceled on Sunday after the Bowl said in a statement that "disabling possible teams caused a shortage of teams eligible for bowl games Were available ".

Army sports director Mike Buddie said the team will continue to search for an opponent.

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"These young men haven't quit all year and we certainly won't quit now," Buddie said in a statement. "They deserve better. Period. They deserve a chance to get 10 wins and like us all year we will keep fighting to give them that chance."

At least 20 teams have signed out of postseason play, including prominent programs like Stanford, Florida State, Penn State, USC, and UCLA.

As one of the few independent programs in college football, Army doesn't have the benefit of many top conferences offering a wide variety of bowl game bindings.

Like other independents, the Army had to almost completely overhaul its schedule this off-season when COVID-19 caused some conferences to postpone gaming until spring while other leagues decided to limit games outside of the conference.

Despite losing to Oklahoma, Princeton and others, Army was able to secure a schedule for 12 games. Only one game against BYU on September 19 had to be canceled due to COVID-19.