A’s pitcher Jesus Luzardo breaks finger in unfortunate video game accident

A's pitcher Jesus Luzardo breaks finger in unfortunate video game accident

We’re having a hot gamer moment in Oakland.

Before the start of the matchup against the Orioles on Sunday, A starter Jésus Luzardo was placed on the 10-day IL with a broken hair in his little finger. However, the way it went is fascinating and unfortunate: Luzardo broke his finger while playing video games prior to his start against Baltimore on Saturday and survived the injury with an 8-4 defeat.

A’s manager, Bob Melvin, explained that it was an accident and explained how the incident went.

“Before the game, he was playing a video game and accidentally bumped his hand on the desk while playing the game,” Melvin said of ESPN. “He came in, was a little sore, the training staff checked him out. We threw him in the cage before he went out and watched him warm up.

“He was happy with the pitching, the training staff with the pitching. After the game we took an X-ray and there was a hairline in our little finger.”

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Melvin said there is no schedule for Luzardo’s return. Luzardo gave up six runs (three deserved) in Saturday’s loss and the A’s have returned to Earth after a streak of 13 games, having only played 3-5 in their last eight games.

Luzardo’s injury is the latest in a sport not unfamiliar to bizarre injuries: Sammy Sosa injured his back while sneezing, Blake Snell’s toe after a piece of granite fell on it, and Trevor Bauer injured himself while trying to fix a drone , on his finger.

If nothing else, Luzardo will have one company on the infamous injury list.