Bernie Sanders’ inauguration meme will get social media consideration from sports activities world

Bernie Sanders' inauguration meme gets social media attention from sports world

Bernie Sanders has a knack for online fame.

The Vermont senator is already the subject of a well-known meme – we'll come back to that in a moment – and he earned another on Wednesday thanks to his inaugural outfit, socially distant ad, and Capitol behavior.

First off, props to Sanders, who was wearing the same jacket as the original "I'll ask again" meme. If the jacket still fits and is in good condition from 2019, why not continue wearing it?

Aside from the coat, he has a new meme thanks to a photo in which the 79-year-old senator appears in a folding chair that is socially distant from everyone. He was sitting in this coat, with arms crossed and warm gloves on his hands and legs – and of course he was wearing a mask.

Following the COVID-19 logs, Sanders became a social media sensation again, and the sports world quickly followed suit.