Bezos Provides $791 million to Local weather Activists, One other $9 billion Deliberate

Bezos Gives $791 million to Climate Activists, Another $9 billion Planned

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Every time you shop on Amazon or subscribe to Amazon streaming services, a small portion of your money goes to groups that actively speak out against President Trump's energy and climate policies.

Bezos is donating for the first time from the $ 10 billion earth fund to fight climate change

The Washington Post executive and owner, Amazon, says climate change is the planet's most pressing problem.

By Steven MufsonNovember 17, 2020 at 2:28 am GMT + 10

Jeff Bezos said Monday he would be giving 16 groups fighting climate change $ 791 million, the first grants from his Earth Fund. The money is "just the beginning of my $ 10 billion commitment to funding scientists, activists, NGOs and others."

Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, also donated money to environmental justice groups, including Dream Corps' Green For All, the Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Equality, and the Solutions Project.

"I have learned in the past few months from a group of incredibly bright people who are committed to tackling climate change and its impact on communities around the world," Bezos said in an Instagram post. "I'm inspired by what you do and look forward to helping you scale. … We can all protect the future of the earth by taking bold action now."

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The Washington Post goes on to explain how the $ 100 million grant to the Environmental Defense Fund will be spent on a satellite monitoring system so the group can identify and legally track methane leaks.

Obviously, what he does with his own money is up to Bezos. But I wonder how many Bezos jobs are being destroyed to help the Environmental Defense Fund identify more methane leaks.

Not only is the petroleum industry an ultra-rich oil tycoon with mansions and Cadillacs, there are plenty of small operators who are just getting through and swaying from the economic impact of the Covid lockdown and struggling to pay the mortgage on their third-hand equipment all to try to build better lives for their families and provide stable income for their employees. Diligent enforcement of methane standards will not help their situation.

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