Biden Transition Crew Broadcasts Coronavirus Process Drive

coronavirus task force

President-elect Joe Biden announced his 12-person coronavirus task force that will advise him during the transition prior to his inauguration on Jan. 20.

In a speech on Monday, the next President of the United States announced the group of public health experts that will form his coronavirus advisory board.

According to CNN, the group of 12 is headed by former General Surgeon Vivek Murthy and includes former Commissioner for Food and Drug Administration David Kessler, Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith from Yale University, Dr. Luciana Borio, Senior Fellow on Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations and Dr. Zeke Emanuel, one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act and former Obama health advisor.

The group also includes Rick Bright, the former director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. Bright filed a whistleblower complaint against the Trump administration in June alleging its early warnings of the pandemic were ignored and ultimately led to its removal.

The coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 10 million Americans and killed more than 230,000 residents in the country since February, decimating the US economy, forcing millions to work from home and even more into unemployment.

Both Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris met with the task force on Monday to discuss next steps before Biden's campaign for President Trump takes over. He has continued to urge Americans not to be afraid of the coronavirus as he tries to get Americans to come back to work and reopen the economy, even as the numbers keep rising and lockdown restrictions overseas and in were resumed in the United States

In Philadelphia, health officials are urging those who celebrated Biden's victory to quarantine themselves, and in New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday the city was "dangerously close" to a second wave and new restrictions.

Biden also urged Americans to wear a face mask on Monday. This is "not a political statement" but the best way to save lives before a vaccine is made and released.

“The goal of wearing masks is not to make your life less comfortable or to take something away from you. It's about giving something back to all of us: a normal life, ”Biden told reporters. “The goal is to get back to normal as soon as possible, and masks are essential to that. It won't be forever. "