Black Indiana Physician Who Complained on Social Media About Racist Therapy at Hospital, Dies of COVID-19

Susan Moore

A black doctor has died of coronavirus after complaining in a social media post about abuse by hospital staff for being black.

According to CBS News, Dr. Susan Moore, who died on December 20 of complications from COVID-19 in an Indiana hospital. She died about two weeks after posting the video on her Facebook page and talking about how she was mistreated by hospital staff.

Moore, a doctor in Indianapolis, died last week at Indiana University Hospital North.

She wrote about her experience in her Facebook post and gave a vote report.

“Tested positive for COVID-19

"I had to beg to get the remdesivir because Dr. Bannec said my chest x-ray was normal." I then had to beg for a CT scan of my chest, which I eventually got, showing large mediastinal lymphadenopathy of the right lower lobe in a new left lower lobe infiltrate.

"After receiving two infusions of Remdesivir dr. Bannec said I don't qualify, I'm not short of breath, he doesn't know why my neck is sore and he doesn't feel comfortable giving me narcotics. I can only cry, I was in so much pain. He said you can just go home now. Remarkably, he didn't even listen to my lungs, he didn't touch me in any way. He did not do a physical exam. I told him you can't tell me how I feel. "

Dr. Carmen Brown posted about her situation on her Twitter account.

We lost another doctor today
But this doctor was mistreated. Her symptoms have been ignored, downplayed, and dismissed. She posted a heartbreaking video asking her colleagues to save her …
She called the patient's lawyer …
She called the chief doctor …

– Dr. Carmen Brown (@AutismDrMom) December 22, 2020

She was in pain and was ignored
Colleagues took her to another hospital …
It was too late..
She died today
The system failed her.
It failed us …
Anyone want to guess the race of this doctor?

– Dr. Carmen Brown (@AutismDrMom) December 22, 2020

I'm upset because she didn't have to die like this
Her pain was denied
She was discharged without being stable and admitted to another hospital because she was too scared to return to the first hospital …

– Dr. Carmen Brown (@AutismDrMom) December 22, 2020

She had to stand up for herself and was STILL ignored.
See how awful this is for people who have no voice?

– Dr. Carmen Brown (@AutismDrMom) December 22, 2020

COVID took Dr. Susan Moore with
The system was involved in her death
Rest in peace sister. We will continue to fight in your memory # BlackDoctorsMatter # BiasinMedicine @ Cleavon_MD @EbonyJHilton_MD @Sifill_LDF @uche_blackstock

– Dr. Carmen Brown (@AutismDrMom) December 22, 2020