Black Lawyer Begins Legislation Agency With Her Greatest Buddy and Sister

True Lawyer

Respected African American attorney Shymane Robinson founded True Lawyer – a real estate and trademark law firm that is helping transform black communities by helping investors accumulate, protect, and transfer wealth. She started the law firm with her best friend and sister … to prove that women can do business together successfully!

Shymane says she decided to start her own law firm after her professor advised her to choose between a great lawyer or mom. "There was no choice between my career and a great mom," she comments. "At that moment I knew that the great law was not for them and that it was about property."

With three years as head of the True Lawyer law firm, Shymane built a widely successful national law firm focused on transforming communities by helping investors. It defines investors as anyone who spends money to get a profit or future advantage.

In honor of Women's Small Business Month, her company has officially announced that it will be awarding four free federal trademark registrations. A value of over $ 1,000 each to help women-owned businesses protect their brands. A winner will be announced every Friday starting October 9, 2020.

Please follow the brand on Instagram @TrueLawyer_ for more information on this giveaway.

About True Lawyer
Founded by Shymane Robinson, True Lawyer is a Chicago-based real estate and trademark law firm serving clients nationwide. True Lawyer helps transform communities by helping investors accumulate, protect, and transfer wealth. At a time when black fortunes are valued at $ 0 by 2053, True Lawyer has established itself as the go-to place for affordable, all-inclusive legal services to ensure everyone has access to legal representation when purchasing real estate Establishes a company or protects its business or transferring wealth.

Gathering, protecting and transferring wealth is the cornerstone to shorten the wealth gap in the black community. True Lawyer is one of the few law firms that offer flat rate services and provide legal representation to clients who don't have deep pockets or who qualify for pro bono services. Learn more at

About Shymane Robinson
Shymane Robinson grew up in Chicago, IL. An accomplished attorney and real estate investor, she is passionate about helping clients create wealth through real estate and trademark law as it is the cornerstone of wealth building. As a real estate investor and small business owner, she understands the importance of buying property or starting a business as a first step in creating wealth.

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