Boris Johnson Bans (Barely) Reasonably priced Fuel Dwelling Heating

UK Bans Gasoline and Diesel Vehicle Sales from 2030

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart; Heating Bills are set to quadruple under Boris Johnson’s latest climate brainstorm. Many people in Britain cannot afford heating bills of this magnitude. Around 10% of Britons already cannot afford their heating bills, even with government handouts and low cost gas heating.

The lie of the ‘green industrial revolution’

Boris Johnson’s plans to ban gas boilers and rely on hydrogen are beyond crazy.

9th December 2020

Following Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan to advance the UK’s ‘green industrial revolution’, the government is bringing forward its proposed ban on gas boilers in new homes from 2025 to 2023. The 10-point plan also requires replacement gas boilers to be phased out by 2035.

This leaves a huge question hanging over each and every home in Britain: how will they be kept warm? The fact that this question has no answer reveals the lie at the heart of Johnson’s green industrial revolution. It is an anti-industrial revolution, and it is going to create great hardship. 

Some 84 per cent of Britain’s homes are connected to the gas network. It sounds obvious to say that they should just switch over to electricity. But the retail price of gas is less than a quarter the price of electricity per kWh. Heating a home with electricity is therefore currently four times more expensive than heating a home with gas. Moreover, switching simply defers the question of where Britain’s energy is going to come from.

Point two of the plan is ‘to generate 5GW of low-carbon hydrogen-production capacity by 2030 for industry, transport, power and homes, and aiming to develop the first town heated entirely by hydrogen by the end of the decade’. Unlike natural gas, hydrogen is not an energy source – it has to be produced. There are two ways to produce hydrogen: electrolysis and steam reforming of natural gas. 

Electrolysis at grid scale is simply uneconomic – a highly conservative estimate of the requirements and costs of replacing natural gas with hydrogen produced by electrolysis and powered by wind energy would say that Britain would need 20 times as many wind farms, and the wholesale cost of electricity would increase tenfold.

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When my family lived in Britain, in our idyllic but rather elderly house, we didn’t have gas heating because our home was too far from the nearest available mains gas pipe. Even with the help of our wood burner, our home electric heating bills used to peak at £600 / month (US $800 / month) in February.

Boris Johnson has no problem paying his energy bills. If people complain about the new costs perhaps he thinks they are just not making enough of an effort to save the planet, they’re just not pitching in and doing their bit. In any case the inconvenience will be short term, right? The MET predicts the UK will have a warm Mediterranean climate by 2050.

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