Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving Fined $50,000 For Violating NBA COVID-19 Protocol

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The NBA has fined Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving $ 50,000 for violating its COVID-19 protocol. He will also lose more than $ 800,000 on games that were missed due to quarantine. The organization released one Explanation in relation to the events leading up to the sentence.

"Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets guard, has been fined $ 50,000 for violating the League's health and safety protocols, which include prohibiting indoor social gatherings of 15 or more people or entering bars, lounges, clubs or similar facilities. " Byron Spruell, President of the League Operations, announced January 15th. "The violation occurred while attending a private indoor party last weekend."

"Irving will lose salary for any games he misses due to his five-day quarantine period. This will allow him to return to team activities on Saturday, January 16 if he continues to test negative," Spruell continued.

The NBA has fined Kyrie Irving of Nets $ 50,000 for violating the league's health and safety protocols and given him a five-day quarantine

He will withhold more than $ 400,000 per game for those missed during quarantine at a rate of 1 / 81.6 his seasonal salary

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The 28-year-old basketball star has been suspended for five days because a video was posted on social media showing Irving showing up at his sister's birthday party with family and friends – without a mask and without social distancing.


The league takes protocol seriously and has sanctioned players who fail to comply with warnings, fines or suspensions. Players who repeatedly violate the rules could face more severe penalties.

Irving isn't the only NBA player to risk it all as much of the country is still under quarantine due to the deadly pandemic.

In December, former Houston Rockets shooter James Harden shot was punished Rocketswire reported $ 50,000 for attending an indoor party. Video footage showed Harden showing off a Dior travel bag that he was gifted with. He wasn't wearing a mask either.

James Harden receives Christmas presents at the club in Houston

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The recently traded Harden tested positive for the virus last summer.

The two players were the only members of the league confirmed to be inconsistent with NBA regulations.