Browns offensive lineman makes Huge Man TD catch to spotlight Baker Mayfield’s big first half

Browns offensive lineman makes Big Man TD catch to highlight Baker Mayfield's huge first half

Christmas came early for Brown's offensive lineman Kendall Lamm.

The Cleveland tackle had a 1-yard touchdown from Baker Mayfield for the Browns against the Titans in week 13. The result put Cleveland 17-0 ahead at the start of the second quarter. It was the first Browns touchdown by an attacking lineman since Shaun O'Hara in September 2001, according to CBS.

In simpler words: "BIG MAN TOUCHDOWN."

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On the third hit from the 1-yard line, Cleveland put its two stars on the backcourt – Nick Chubb in fullback and Kareem Hunt behind. Lamm had reported as a particularly offensive lineman.

It seemed fair that the Titans sold out to stop the run, and that is exactly what happened. Mayfield faked a handover to Chubb, who even sold the game action by jumping over the offensive line, but without the football. A Tennessee defense attorney held Hunt when the traffic jam seeped into the left apartment. But Mayfield never looked there.

Nobody made out the 6-5, 310-pound lamb. Mayfield was able to forward the pass to Lamm, which was wide open. The Browns were quick to celebrate with Lamm, who apparently didn't want to let go of his first NFL touchdown ball. It was the second of four Mayfield touchdown passes in the first half.

Lamm originally entered the NFL as an unoccupied player from Appalachian State. He didn't start a game for the Browns in 2020 and usually serves in that additional lineman role. Lamm started the game with a catch on Sunday, a seven-meter reception for the Texans in 2015. But this was his first and possibly only touchdown. Hard to ask for a better gift.