Byron Allen Indicators Veteran White Home Correspondent April Ryan for TheGrio.TV

Byron Allen Signs Veteran White House Correspondent April Ryan for TheGrio.TV

Byron Allens The Allen Media Group has announced its signing Washington, D.C., correspondent April Ryan assumes the dual role of White House correspondent and Washington, D.C., Office manager. The veteran correspondent will take on this role for the recently announced Round-the-clock radio television station TheGrio.TV.

Ryan will take on the role from now on January 4, 2021 as elected President Joe Biden will be the fifth US president Ryan has covered since starting her career as a White House correspondent 24 years ago.

“Award-winning White House correspondent April Ryan is a phenomenal talent and a brilliant political analyst, ”he said Everyone, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Allen Media Group, in a written statement. "We are very proud to have April, with her extensive relationships and experience, as part of our fast-growing news organization."

“It's a new era in our nation! Not only do we have new managers, it is also a new season for me professionally. After almost 24 years, I am starting a new chapter and bringing in my political expertise Byron Allens Media company as well as continuing my work as a political analyst for CNN, ”said Ryan.

“I look forward to being the first White House correspondent and director of the DC office for Allen Media and The Grio. It is also a welcome pleasure for me to work with mr. Byron Allen, one of the most enterprising moguls in the media today. "

The recently acquired MGM wireless television network Light TV will be switched to the television network TheGrio.TV on 15. January the start of the Martin Luther King Jr. vacation weekend. TheGrio.TV will feature black-focused content reaching more than 100 million US households via wireless television channels: cable / telecommunications / satellite platforms and free digital streaming.

TheGrio.TV recently started distribution with Fox owned and operated television stations in 11 major markets: new York, los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Minneapolisand Orlando. These television markets represent 29.6% of households in the general market and 36.3% of households in African American.