California Prisoners Raises Over $30Ok For Excessive Faculty In Want

Reading group

Screenshot from Facebook / Palma High School

A group of inmates from Soledad State Prison bonded with a student at a boys prep school in the area for the love of reading after attending the same book club. After the group learned that the student was struggling to pay the remaining $ 1,200 for his monthly tuition fees, the men came together to raise funds and successfully raised over $ 30,000.

Syon Green was surprised when he met members of his reading group from the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Salina, Calif., Awarded him a scholarship to help him finish high school and his college activities at the Academy of Art University to begin in San Francisco. Green's family struggled after two medical emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It moved me to tears," said Frank Green, Syon's father, in an interview with CNN. “It was really a blessing at this special time. It was unheard of. "

Jason Bryant, one of the incarcerated members who raised funds for Green, says many of the inmates have to do with his history of moving from a harsh area to a new environment and seeking a good education. Bryant says he is grateful that the program has been able to improve their development by helping students learn from the mistakes of his youth.

"They would put him in jail for mentoring, join groups with us, share his goals and visions, and really have conversations with Men In Blue – men who made terrible decisions," Bryant told CNN. “You have not only shown gratitude and appreciation, but also trust that we will look after your son. And that was remarkable. "