Carpet Cleaning with Baking Soda. How To Remove Stubborn Dog Pee Spot


San Diego’s carpet cleaning and other services are a booming industry. Carpet cleaning companies located in North County San Diego have seen a surge in their business due to the increasing popularity of pets. Pets can be a lot of fun particularly if you have adorable pets like Yorkshire Terriers and Portuguese water dogs. They are great company and you can get to become acquainted with them as long as your home is kept clean and tidy. But what is the outcome if you have a furious cat or a stubborn dog as neighbors? These issues are difficult to ignore, particularly when they are in your living room, kitchen, or any other part of the house with carpeting.

Even minor spills can’t be ignored by most people but they have to be cleaned up with the aid of professional carpet cleaners in North County San Diego with the help of carpet detergents. The issue with pets is that they leave behind indelible marks such as urine, dirt and hair which can not only ruin the appearance of your flooring, but also create an unpleasant smell. It is possible to use regular pet shampoos to get rid of small pet stain. However, it will not completely clean the stain. This is why carpet cleaners are very popular in San Diego.

Carpet cleaning goes beyond keeping the house tidy

Carpet cleaning is more than keeping the house spotless. It also helps remove clutter from small accidents. Pets leave messes all around the house, including food crumbs and spills from drinks, pet food and many more. These mess can be easily spoilt especially with the aid of pet urine and pet hair remover. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who keep receiving calls from landlords or tenants requesting for your assistance in cleaning up mess caused by pets, then you should seriously consider hiring carpet cleaning services in North County San Diego and other parts of the county.

Many people are thinking of getting rid of pet odors because they can cause damage to their home’s interior as well as aesthetics. It can even cause allergic reactions in certain people and trigger asthma attacks or rashes. There are other options to combat this issue other instead of calling professional Carpet cleaning San Antonio TX. Baking soda can be used to remove pet odors.

Baking soda has been around since the beginning of time. In fact, it’s still commonly used by many people to clean up the dog smell and urine spots that have accumulated in their homes. So, how can it be possible for you to effectively get rid of pet odor with baking soda? The answer is in dehydrating the area in which you think there might be a pet odor. By doing so you will not just make it lighter but you will also get rid of it more efficiently. What’s more, this can be done without the need to call in professional carpet cleaning services in North County San Diego or any other place.

You just need to allow your carpet to dry completely before you apply regular warm water to wash away the spot. Next, scrub the area with a broom or other coarse material until it is clean. It is essential that you rinse the spot thoroughly with cool water to ensure that no soap residue remains. If soap remains, you could end having a carpet that is soiled again. This is a good option for keeping your carpet spotless for the long term.