CFACT Challenges Joe Biden to “Spend a Month With out Fossil Fuels”

CFACT Challenges Joe Biden to “Spend a Month Without Fossil Fuels”

CFACT: Joe Biden waves from the steps of a private jet

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h / t Joe Bastardi; Despite Joe Biden's rhetoric about the need to end fossil fuel mining and electrify transportation, it appears that he personally burns a great deal of fossil fuel on his private jet trips. Perhaps Joe Biden's vision includes an exception for important people like him who will continue to be given full access to the conveniences of a fossil fuel civilization.

Joe Biden Challenge: Spend a month without fossil fuels

Posted by Joe Bastardi | October 24, 2020 | Energy | 97 comments

Joe Biden wants to get rid of fossil fuels. This is a position that either knows no facts or simply takes advantage of the lack of knowledge people have on the matter. IT'S NOT JUST ENERGY, IT HAS NO IDEA, LIKE MANY PRODUCTS THAT MORE EASILY LEAVE YOUR LIFE ON PETROLEUM!

It's not just the idea of ​​using fossil fuels as an energy source. Products made directly with petroleum or petroleum derivatives are not even considered by the average person indoctrinated by all of this. Either Joe Biden doesn't understand this, or he does and chases the lack of knowledge on the matter through an increasingly indoctrinated public.

So here's the challenge for Joe Biden: win, lose or tie in the upcoming election. I want you, your family, and your co-workers to have a month off when something has to do with fossil fuels.

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I would be impressed if Joe Biden tried to part ways with his private jet trips, but I'm not holding my breath.

The idea that America could quickly move from fossil fuels to remote costs is absurd. With US national debt rapidly approaching 100% of GDP, there isn't much room for maneuver when it comes to large government infrastructure plans.

If new infrastructure built with borrowed money delivers real value, such as billions of dollars spent repairing roads and bridges to improve traffic flow, GDP growth could increase due to the improved infrastructure Compensate for national debt.

However, green infrastructure does not provide value. The trillions that Biden plans to spend on replacing a perfectly functioning fossil fuel infrastructure would not contribute anything to economic growth.

At best, by the end of the process of building a green infrastructure, the US would have something it already has – a power generation and distribution system that meets the US's electricity needs.

Worst-case scenario, the US may have to import its energy from overseas energy giants like Burisma if US fossil fuel plants shut down but all of the new green infrastructure fails to meet America’s energy needs.

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