Chilly forecast, falling iguanas – Watts Up With That?

Chilly forecast, falling iguanas – Watts Up With That?

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ORLANDO, Florida (AP) – With unexpectedly cold weather forecast and pandemic-related curfews in some locations, Florida is facing a Christmas season unparalleled in recent times and falling iguanas may occur.

The National Weather Service warned earlier this week that South Florida could experience the coldest Christmas day in 21 years. The lows on Saturday could fall in the low 30s and 40s Fahrenheit, the weather service said.

"Brrr! Much colder temperatures are expected for Christmas, ”tweeted the National Weather Service in Miami earlier this week. "Falling iguanas are possible."

Because they are cold-blooded reptiles, iguanas that live in trees in South Florida often become immobile in cold weather and fall to the ground when the thermometer drops, even though they are still alive.

Jacksonville's temperature should drop 50 degrees, from about 80 degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday to about 30 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday, making it one of the five coldest days of Christmas in Jacksonville, according to the National Weather Service.

A line of gusts with heavy storms and fast-moving winds also drove to North Florida on Christmas Eve.

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