China’s Inexperienced NGO Local weather Propaganda Enablers – Watts Up With That?

China’s Green NGO Climate Propaganda Enablers – Watts Up With That?

A very insightful article by Ruper Darwall at Real Clear Energy

Climate change is a national security threat – but not as the national security elite believes it is. By Rupert Darwall December 21, 2020

Shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Greenpeace opened an office in Moscow. It enjoyed the patronage of a senior member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences and was funded by the Kremlin, which was laundered by a state record company. The green activist group made it clear that it would have nothing to do with environmental groups in the Baltic republics. Greenpeace recycled standard Soviet propaganda and denounced it as little more than separatist organizations.

This pattern, in which the enemies of the West use the environmental movement – whether NGOs like Greenpeace, foundations or "concerned scientists" to undermine Western interests – is now being repeated, this time with regard to China. A report by Patricia Adams for the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation released earlier this month shows the green movement's role as China's propagandist.

Since Xi Jinping became General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party eight years ago, almost everyone who believed that China's Communist regime would become more benevolent on the inside and less threatening on the outside has revised their minds – everyone except climate activists. "Instead of being careful about China's role in the world, these groups praise China's environmental efforts," notes Adams. The head of Asia Strategy at NRDC, Barbara Finamore, even wrote a book: Will China Save the Planet? Maybe the only one

It's a very good article including how the west funds its enemies' activities.

Beijing doesn't even have to pay for the propaganda work it wants to do in the US. The San Francisco-based NGO Energy Foundation China has paid over $ 330 million to US registered organizations operating in China, donated by multi-billion dollar foundations such as the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The CEO of Energy Foundation China is Ji Zou, a Chinese national and former government official and climate negotiator.

I strongly recommend reading the full article.

China is a great power that uses global warming to advance its geopolitical interests. In contrast to the sclerotic economy of the Soviet Union, the Chinese economy is far from collapsing. In fact, China is likely to be the only major economy growing larger in late 2020 than it started out. For China, climate change offers a strategic opportunity. Decarbonizing the rest of the world strengthens China's economy – it weakens their rivals' economies, lowers energy bills for their hydrocarbon-hungry economy, and sinks low-energy India as a potential Indo-Pacific rival.

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