Construct A Successful Résumé To Appeal to Employers With Rezi for $29

Build A Winning Résumé To Attract Employers With Rezi for $29

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COVID-19 lockdowns have had a huge economic impact in almost all industries. Thousands of jobs were lost and most companies slowed down or stopped hiring to see how the situation would improve. We have been in quarantine for over half a year. The hiring has increased across the board as organizations adapted to working remotely.

Now seems like the perfect time to secure a new job, but be warned. The job market is more competitive than ever as thousands of people work their way back into work. Only around 75% of CVs are seen by employers. So you need every perk that you can get to turn the heads of recruiters. Rezi Résumé Software can help, and lifetime subscriptions are currently available for $ 29 or 94% off.

Rezi is resume creation software that allows you to pass the applicant tracking system, a tool that companies use to post job vacancies and sort applications. This automated system will also disqualify you if you fail to meet the restrictions. Rezi uses AI to analyze job descriptions for keywords and provide feedback on your resume based on the results. Resumes created in Rezi are also formatted ATS-optimized so that you don't have to fumble with fonts and settings. Rezi is a web-based app so you can use it right in your browser on Windows or Mac.

If you want your application to get noticed, you need a polished résumé that beats applicant tracking systems and is read by a real person. Rezi has all the tools you need to do that, and you can get lifetime access today for just $ 29.