Covid-1984? British Anti-Lockdown Activist Arrested for Filming Empty Hospital Wards – Watts Up With That?

Covid-1984? British Anti-Lockdown Activist Arrested for Filming Empty Hospital Wards – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

As the UK National Health Service yells about the intense stress of dealing with rising Covid-19 hospital admissions, a strange story has emerged in which an anti-lockdown activist was arrested for the crime of posting a video of an empty NHS hospital .

Anti-lockdown activist who went to the hospital and filmed "empty" wards is handcuffed in her bathrobe and arrested by police who showed up at her door

  • Debbie Hicks filmed herself hiking at Gloucester Hospital on Monday
  • She was arrested by police on Tuesday for an alleged violation of public order
  • The hospital denies their claims that the wards are empty and that a pandemic is a "massive scam".
  • Ms. Hicks was a Labor Council candidate who said the 2017 Manchester terrorist attack was "a wonderful time for Theresa May".
  • She was charged with coronavirus in an anti-lockdown event last month


RELEASED: 01:24 AEDT, January 1, 2021 | UPDATED: 17:41 AEDT, January 1, 2021

An anti-lockdown protester and comrade of Jeremy Corbyn's anti-Vaxxer brother Piers has been arrested for filming and sharing footage on social media in a hospital. She claims the coronavirus pandemic is a "massive scam".

Debbie Hicks wandered through Gloucester Royal Hospital on Monday saying it was "shut down" and "dead" and was arrested in her bathrobe by two officers visiting her home in Stroud 24 hours later.

In the eight-minute film, which is watched by 158,000 people on Facebook, she says, “That is why we were rated Tier 3? It's a shame. I saw less than 20 people. It is completely dead in an empty hospital with the wards closed and the lights off.

“Where do all people die and where is the mutated virus? I can't see the evidence, and neither can the public see it. That's why we were robbed at Christmas.

Gloucester Royal Hospital has fought back, insisting that the wards are "extremely busy", accusing them of "invading" and upset the patients filmed in A&E. A doctor told MailOnline that she filmed an abandoned outpatient area on a Monday holiday, which is why it was empty.

She is an active supporter of Piers Corbyn and his "Freedom Rally" movementHe took part in protests with him in London and posed for a selfie on the tube wearing a party hat as a mask.

Mr. Corbyn tweeted the video of her arrest today with the headline: "Fascism".

Read more (including video):

Piers Corbyn, known as the movement's leader, is a well-known British climate skeptic and radical left activist who led protests against squatter rights in the 1970s. Corbyn is the brother of far-right former British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Piers Corbyn appeared in climatic email 0837094033.txt, in which former CRU director Phil Jones described Corbyn as the British equivalent of Fred Singer, Pat Michaels, Bob Balling or Richard Lindzen.

Corbyn now also appears to be a leader in the UK anti-lockdown movement.

I am not denying that the NHS is likely to be under significant strain. But what a strangely persistent reaction to a citizen journalist's activities, even when she broke a few rules. Instead of exacerbating tensions through violent reactions, the Royal Hospital in Gloucester could have tried to de-escalate the situation, for example by inviting Debbie Hicks on an official visit to get a fuller picture of what was happening.

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