Deion Sanders says private objects had been stolen from workplace throughout Jackson State teaching debut, later recovered

Deion Sanders says personal items were stolen from office during Jackson State coaching debut, later recovered

Famer Deion Sanders’ Pro Football Hall said after his coaching debut at Jackson State on Sunday that his personal belongings were stolen from the coaches’ office during the Tigers’ 53-0 victory over the Edward Waters NAIA program, leading to “Mixed feelings” led the day.

“For one thing, the kids played really well,” said a clearly annoyed Sanders during his post-game press conference before continuing. “But while the game was on, someone came in and stole everything I have in the coach’s office. Credit cards, wallet, watches. Thank goodness I had my necklaces on.”

After Sanders’ press conference, the school informed ESPN that his items had been “misplaced and found”.

But Sanders denied the items were misplaced in a series of tweets later on Sunday, saying that his assistant walked into a man who had just committed the theft.

No, it was stolen, but they got it back. It was stolen from my personal bag in my office and my assistant caught the gentleman stealing, but she was alone. No miscommunication my husband at all

– COACH PRIME (@DeionSanders) February 22, 2021

Anyone who utters the lie that my belongings were not stolen is lying. My belongings were taken from a zippered bag in my office and other items were also taken from my office. We have been calling them since they were reported. My co-worker witnessed the crime. #Truth

– COACH PRIME (@DeionSanders) February 22, 2021

Sanders went on to say the items have been found since they were reported missing.

Later on Sunday night after Sanders tweeted, Jackson State Sporting Director Ashley Robinson issued a statement that read: “Immediately after our win today, several items were removed from the locker room by Coach Prime. Those items were quickly retrieved and returned While we view this as an isolated incident. We are thoroughly reviewing the security logs to ensure this does not happen again. However, we refuse to let this dampen the victory of our JSU Tigers who have been working hard for the moment. “

Sanders, who played Major League Baseball in addition to the two-time Super Bowl champion, is his first college-level head coach. Previously, he was offensive coordinator at Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill, Texas for three seasons.

Sanders announced on his “21st and Prime” podcast in September that he would be the next head coach in Jackson state. Sunday’s game of Tigers was the first in a spring seven-game schedule that runs through April. It was also Jackson State’s first shutout since September 6, 2014.

Jackson State will host Mississippi Valley State on Saturday and kick off the Southwest Athletic Conference season.