Derek Chauvin verdict reaction – The sports world responds on social media

Derek Chauvin verdict reaction - The sports world responds on social media

On Tuesday, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

Floyd, 46, died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. Bystander videos showed Chauvin holding his knee against Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, and the county coroner ruled the death was murder. After the video was released, Minneapolis Police released Chauvin and the three other officers involved, and Chauvin was charged with the three crimes. He pleaded not guilty to any of the three.

Last summer, athletes boycotted multiple league games to protest the deaths of black men and women by law enforcement agencies. Here’s what the sports world had to say about Tuesday’s verdict:


– LeBron James (@KingJames) April 20, 2021

Love wins.

– Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) April 20, 2021

Accountability is trending now 📈

– Kevin Love (@kevinlove) April 20, 2021

Justice and Accountability! Things I never thought I’d see There is still a lot to be done, but this is an amazing start to working towards the reform this country needs!

– Karl-Anthony Towns (@KarlTowns) April 20, 2021

Send love and strength today to Minn, the family and community of #GeorgeFloyd and so many others. Whatever happens, #derickchauvin killed George, we know that. Let’s keep fighting for a world where this doesn’t happen. #DefundThePolice #BlackLivesMatter

– Megan Rapinoe (@mPinoe) April 20, 2021


– Trae Young (@TheTraeYoung) April 20, 2021

God is good all the time ….. ✊🏾🙏🏾

– Donovan Mitchell (@spidadmitchell) April 20, 2021

I wanted to make a celebratory tweet but then I was hit with sadness because we are celebrating something that is clear as the day. The fact that so many injustices have occurred that have made us hold our breath at this outcome is truly telling.

– Naomi Osaka Naomi Osaka (@naomiosaka) April 20, 2021

Thank god … guilty! Justice Has Been Served !!

– Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) April 20, 2021

It is a nice thing when the justice system works the way it is intended! 👏🏾

– Lance Briggs (@LanceBriggs) April 20, 2021

Justice was done today to George Floyd.

Hopefully, loved ones can sleep more easily.

The time to jointly investigate the treatment of blacks, especially black boys / men, by some law enforcement agencies is long overdue.

The path to healing must begin. #Black lives count

– Billie Jean King (@BillieJeanKing) April 20, 2021

I don’t celebrate someone else’s downfall no matter what they did, but I do celebrate justice, truth and justice because America’s criminal justice system has been void for black and brown people for so long. # Justice # Truth # Justice

– Matt Forte (@ MattForte22) April 20, 2021

That should be the norm! No person or profession should be above the law. It won’t bring George Floyd back, but I’m glad justice finally served.

– Darius Butler (@DariusJButler) April 20, 2021

I hate that we have to celebrate something like this, but justice is not used in this country

– Jordan Bell (@ 1jordanbell) April 20, 2021


– Robert Williams (@rob_williamsIII) April 20, 2021

That is justice.

– Natasha Cloud (@ T_Cloud4) April 20, 2021

Love. Peace. Justice. ♥ ️

– Allen Robinson II (@AllenRobinson) April 20, 2021

Wow everyone guilty on all three counts … won’t come back Floyd’s life … how long will chauvin serve / be sentenced?

– Cameron Jordan (@ camjordan94) April 20, 2021

This is just the beginning! Its a lot to do. 🙏🏾🖤

– Touki Toussaint (@ToukiToussaint) April 20, 2021


– Ja Morant (@JaMorant) April 20, 2021

Let’s make this the new normal. Accountability is served #GeorgeFloyd

– Renee Montgomery (@ReneeMontgomery) April 20, 2021

Accountability is all we ever wanted. May your soul rest in peace. #GeorgeFloyd

– CountOnAG (@Amir_Garrett) April 20, 2021

I hate being negative on a day when a family can get at least some semblance of retribution for the murder of their loved one. But pretending this is a monumental step is daunting. The fact that we all held our breath together as we waited for that verdict.

– Imani McGee-Stafford (@imanitrishawn_) April 20, 2021

Thank you God. Wrong is wrong!

– Joe Haden (@ joehaden23) April 20, 2021

Today we saw some responsibility for the murder of George Floyd. The struggle for equality and police reform is far from over. I will continue to fight for real change and, as always, encourage others in the hockey community to join.

– JT Brown (@ JTBrown23) April 20, 2021

– Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) April 20, 2021

Timberwolve’s testimony after Derek Chauvin was found guilty of George Floyd’s murder:
“We are confident that today’s decision can serve as progress, but it does not alleviate the physical and emotional pain that persists in an environment of systemic racism.”

– Malika Andrews (@malika_andrews) April 20, 2021

– Minnesota Lynx (@minnesotalynx) April 20, 2021

Together we are.

– Minnesota Gophers (@GopherSports) April 20, 2021

– Minnesota Wild (@mnwild) April 20, 2021

The potential future owner of the Timberwolves and Lynx weighs in at

– Jon Krawczynski (@ JonKrawczynski) April 20, 2021

– Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) April 20, 2021

Joe Tsai and Clara Wu Tsai stand with George Floyd’s family, and our organization continues to work to end systemic racism and injustice.

– Brooklyn Nets (@BrooklynNets) April 20, 2021

– Pittsburgh Penguins (@penguins) April 20, 2021

– Golden State Warriors (@warriors) April 20, 2021

– New Jersey Devils (@NJDevils) April 20, 2021

– Buffalo Sabers (@BuffaloSabers) April 20, 2021

– Minnesota Wild (@mnwild) April 20, 2021

NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released the following joint statement today:

– NBA (@NBA) April 20, 2021

Tony Clark, Executive Director of MLBPA, made the following statement:

– MLB players (@MLB_PLAYERS) April 20, 2021