Detroit Black Entrepreneur Turned His Semi-Trailer Truck right into a Bowling Alley on Wheels

luxuary strike bowling

Terence Jackson Jr., an African American entrepreneur from Southfield, Detroit, has converted a 53-foot articulated truck into a bowling alley on wheels. It's called Luxury Strike Bowling and it's the world's first mobile bowling alley.

Jackson, 34, reinvented the idea of ​​physical entertainment after realizing how companies like Amazon, Grub Hub, and Uber bring convenience and ease to the shopping, dining, and travel industries. He thought of making a bowling alley accessible by making it mobile, and then Luxury Strike Bowling was born.

"These companies made life easier for people and created economic growth around the world, and I wanted to be part of it," Jackson told The Detroit News.

The design of Luxury Strike Bowling, which has been in production for years, is slightly different from the traditional bowling alley. The two automatic bowling lanes are shorter and the bowling balls are smaller and weigh only 3 pounds. The bowling alley also has a rating system, temperature control, neon lighting, an 80-inch cinema screen, sky lounge, and a state-of-the-art sound system that guests can connect to via Bluetooth.

The construction of the bowling alley was not without its obstacles as it was often slowed down by the unavailability of materials due to the pandemic. But Jackson finally got it started last June. The 10-15 person loft alley is now available for parties, corporate meetings, church meetings, and other events in Southfield and other nearby areas.

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