Did Rams copy Dolphins’ hook-and-lateral play for 2-point conversion in opposition to Packers?

Did Rams copy Dolphins' hook-and-lateral play for 2-point conversion against Packers?

The Rams took advantage of an odd game to get just one touchdown behind the Packers in their NFL playoff round on Saturday.

After the return, Cam Akers scored a TD from the Wildcat formation. Coach Sean McVay called a nifty hook-and-lateral for the 2-point conversion to get the 25:18 result in Green Bay quarter:

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It's not too often that you see hook-and-lateral in the NFL, especially in a no-end game.

Unless you are the dolphins.

Twitter was quick to point out that the Los Angeles game looked suspiciously similar to a game Brian Flores and Miami used in the team's 22:12 win over the Patriots in Week 15. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the two games, courtesy of Sporting News' Jordan Heck:

There's nothing in the rules that says teams obviously can't copy games. And it's not that the Dolphins who missed the playoffs are able to take advantage of them. That didn't stop Twitter from noting the resemblance and saying the Rams "stole" the piece:

Damn it, the piece looked familiar to me ????

– Safid Deen @ (@Safid_Deen) January 16, 2021

Wow, Aries really stole this 2 point talk from the dolphins

– trace ???? (@ SkyTrace29) January 16, 2021

Rams actually used a piece of dolphins that was used on them

– Gussher Mendoza (@ Gussher10), January 16, 2021

Okay, the Rams stole that 2 point conversion from the Dolphins and now I'm salty again that we didn't make the playoffs.

Help me stay positive Mr. Fan of the Year @ ian693 pic.twitter.com/8gqEOV2nWf

– Evan Morris (@ EvanMorris72) January 16, 2021