Do they actually care about science ?

Do they really care about science ?

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Do they really care about science ?

Here is one latest results on hurricane activity in the Caribbean and eastern sea coast of USA.

“Using longer sediment cores (888 cm) and more reliable age-control, this study revises and temporally expands a previous study from TPBH (the Bahamas) that underestimated the sedimentation rate. TPBH records at least 13 ≥ category 2 hurricanes per century between 1500 to 1670 CE, which exceeds the 9 ≥ category 2 hurricanes per century within 50 km of TPBH since 1850 CE. The eastern United States also experienced frequent hurricanes from 1500 to 1670 CE, but frequency was depressed elsewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. This suggests that spatial heterogeneity in Atlantic hurricane activity since 1850 CE could have persisted throughout the last millennium.”

Read all about it in the link provided.

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