Do You Need Some Great Water Slides For your Next Party


We have the answer! JLA Party Rentals specializes in rental bounce houses and other inflatable games. They can help with any party planning needs, including finding a great venue or simple games.

Water Slide Rentals Mansfield where you can rent bounce houses or other water slides for kids. Most of them are within thirty minute drive of New York City. Water Park USA in Purchase has many great bounce houses available for rent. You can also search the internet for more local locations. Bounce House World in West Orange Hill has great Water Slides to rent for backyard parties. The indoor playground has four different themes: adventure, jungle, racing, and the theme parks and rides. The four bouncehouses have wooden outer tubes, curved tubes, as well a giant water slide.

We love this place! The Water Slides feature a jungle theme with slides made of all kinds of equipment and materials. There are many obstacles to overcome, including monkey bars, wooden ramps, giant balls-shaped slides, and even slides made of giant balls. There are many inflatable games, such as beer pong, beanbag-toss, and water volleyball. You can even purchase tent packages so that your guests don’t have to go outside and you don’t have to hire staff. This saves you a lot of money.

JLAs Party Rentals offers obstacle courses for small families or groups of friends. They also have obstacle courses that can be used for picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, and other events. You can choose from slide sets made from PVC pipes or a course made with bounce houses and ropes. These obstacle courses are themed after cartoon characters like Tinkerbell, Dora and Tinkerbell.

Renting an inflatable obstacle course is a great outdoor activity. There are many different types of obstacle courses, including woods, beaches, rivers, and mountains. There are many grids of holes on the course. There are also different colored dots on the course that represent different shapes.

Water Park rents dry slides, bounce houses, and other equipment. You can also make mini-slides or obstacle courses indoors with the dry slides. Or you can go with a combination of the two, using dry slides, as well as water slides indoors. There are also combo bouncers that have both a slide AND a bouncer. These combo bouncers are great for children to have a lot of fun bouncing.