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Fauci: “We have entered the Pandemic Era” because of Climate Change

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Posted by Joe Bastardi | January 2, 2021 | economy

The recent recordings of Dr. Fauci on measures against Covid show what I suspected here on CFACT with Covid-Climate link and actually wrote about it and what is in my book. First and foremost, the media's hypocrisy about beating up President Trump for not panicking, and then Dr. Allowing Fauci to do essentially the same with masks, etc. (don't panic as he wanted healthcare workers to do this first) speaks volumes. Other recent recordings show that Dr. Fauci used leftist tactics to try to forge RELATIVE TRUTH versus ABSOLUTE TRUTH. That is an end that justifies the means tactic, whether the means are objective or not. Or even guessed, which is far from it.

This is actually something that the opening chapter of my book (The Weather Weapon in False Climate War) goes into detail. The actual agenda, which is about the relative truth of man, manipulating people in fear against the Absolute Truth that is in the entire known geological record of the planet. Climate optimums from the past are today climate extremes. To combat extremes, we must take extreme measures, and in this way a controlling non-divine authority restricts free will, which is the absolute truth written in the first few lines of our declaration. So here comes the link. Again, the book has 2 chapters that predict what you will see. I don't mean to sound pompous, but that's predictable given the sayings and actions of the gang of zealots who are driving this forward. And a nation that is ready to accept a ruling authority without question is a nation that is ruled by authority.

Dr. Fauci admits there were many strangers. For the common good, he recommended action that was not backed by evidence, but intended to provoke a public response. His Mencken 101, "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule."

I think dr Fauci may do what he thinks is best. (The fact that he says this tells me that he is someone who is not on an electric journey like he's been accused of, but makes decisions based on what he thinks is good. But by doing so, he is doing harm others because it steals their freedom) But others have hijacked the subject and used it as a political battering ram to essentially avert a fundamental transformation of our nation from essentially the words of our founders. That he has a tendency to hang out with these people (for example, if he calls a Chris Cuomo every night when he has COVID, I wonder if he called President Trump every night when he had it? And by the way, how did President Trump got rid of it so quickly if he gave it up – he's older and, to put it nicely, stronger than Chris Cuomo.) Doesn't add to the appearance of objectivity.

But now think about it. Suppose I think a foot of snow was coming and I didn't want you to travel because I feared for your life. Do it so that I didn't want my family or friends to travel out of fear that they might get off the road and die. May I take steps (slit tires, pour sugar in the gas tank, etc.) to make sure these people are going nowhere. After all, it's for their own good. And if it doesn't snow, do I just say I did it to save her? (By the way, I know these things because this happened up here in a union fight with a local contractor who refused to join forces. They had to set bear traps for their property, which stopped very quickly.) But there it is again that the means justify the final argument that the "social good" of a union is put against the will of someone who owns and builds a company.

When it comes to climate, that's exactly what is going on. We have a group of well-meaning, concerned scientists. (I've read a lot of the research by the best, and I believe it's a matter of over-mapping to CO2. It's like having an important remote link focusing on the weather and ignoring the bigger picture.) They tend to turn to the left to reject, but they believe what they are doing is for the social good. But their intentions are being wholly hijacked by a group of zealots moving from Covid to Climate to change the core values ​​that have made this nation the envy of the world. Ah yes the word envy. This group thinks we stole from the rest of the world, hence our success. It was not our system that, if applied elsewhere, would lead to such success. On the other hand, success would mean the destruction of the planet. Such a group does not really believe that a powerful and compassionate loving God has actually given us what we need to adapt to the challenges we face and to achieve that entity. Instead, they are obsessed with another agenda that piques their interest. Be it Covid, Climate, Weather etc., all from the same playbook, the relative truth of men who think they know better and want individuals to submit to the absolute truth contained right in the first lines of our statement is and is divinely inspired.

It's up to you to look at everything and come to your own conclusion. But a lot depends on where you focus. That too is still your choice … at least for now.

Happy New Year everyone and get ready, lots of wild weather on the way for much of the country IMO. Mid-January to mid-February


Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-term forecasting. He is the author of The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won't Hear From Al Gore – And Others, which is available for purchase at the CFACT Bookstore. You can find his new book The Weapon of the Weather in the False Climate War here. phonyclimatewar.com

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