Drum Mixer


The drum mixing truck is a portable instrument that securely transports drums from job site to job. Drum mixing equipment is also known as a “drum shaker” or a “stick mixer.” Most compact mixers contain a container holding an assortment of mixing fluids. Some mixers contain electric pumps that mechanically pump the mixing fluids through a mixing chamber.

A drum mixer is usually made up of at least one mixing stand and at least one agitator wheel. Compact industrial drum mixers usually roll a closed drum onto its side to mix the contents. Mixing a compressed drum using separate drum mixing stands and agitators results in consistent and controlled mixing. Alternatively, use separate drum mixing stands for each batch to increase worker efficiency.

A drum mixing machine may contain one or more of the following components: an electric motor that supplies motor power; a compressor which compresses the air to increase the volume of air or fluid to be mixed; a mixing chamber, which contains mixing brushes, a mixing valve, expansion pipes, and a power source such as a battery, a solar-powered gas or oil-powered engine, or a conventional power source such as an electrical motor, air mixers, and a fan or blower. In addition, the drum mixing machine may have an enclosed mixing tank, which houses one or more drum mixers blades. All components of a drum mixing machine must be regularly maintained and serviced. Also, the drum mixing truck must be cleaned and painted frequently to maintain its quality. Drum mixing is a specialized craft, and there are several articles on the Internet that provide information on the proper maintenance and servicing of this popular machine.