Eight Private Growth Instruments Are on Sale

8 Personal Development Tools Are on Sale

You could find yourself falling into the vacation slump – what is usually the happiest time of the year looks and feels very different this time around. After the year you've been through, you deserve a moment to do yourself a treat.

One of the best investments you can make is in yourself and your personal growth. So why not start the new year right away? With a 20% discount voucher code CHEERSDuring your limited time sale, you will be comfortable with your purchase.

1. For language learning

The best time to learn a second, third, or fourth language is before you are 10 years old. The second best time is right now – with the award-winning Mondly app. It's a far cry from your high school speech app thanks to state-of-the-art speech recognition and conversational curriculum.

Get Mondly: Lifetime Subscription (5 Languages) for $ 56.00 (Reg. $ 1199) with coupon code CHEERS.

2. Sleep better

It's time to throw away your sleeping pills. With a lifetime subscription to the Restly Sleep app, you can catch zzz in a maximum of two minutes. The scientific approach to sleep offers a range of voices and soothing sounds that will turn your brain off after a long day at work.

Get the Restly Sleep App: Lifetime subscription for 32.00 USD (Reg. 100 USD) with coupon code CHEERS.

3. Improve your health

If you're looking for guidance from a personal trainer without the cost of personal trainers, the BetterMe app is your one-stop shop. The 4.5-star app in the App Store combines personal training with meal plans that are tailored to your fitness goals. The gym is not required – every single workout can be done at home.

Get BetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Subscription for $ 32.00 (Reg. $ 1,200) with coupon code CHEERS.

4. Relaxation

Netflix and Chill are a thing of the past. Restflix and Chill is the latest trend that is a lot less stressful. The latest streaming platform offers more than 20 personalized channels that calm the brain before bed with sleep meditations, bedtime stories, and peaceful and calm natural views and sounds. It got 5 stars on Google Play and App Store for a reason.

Get Restlfix: Subscriptions to the streaming service for restful sleep for 40.00 USD (Reg. 99 USD) with the coupon code CHEERS.

5. Meditation

You've probably heard of the power of meditation, but turning off your mind and finding your inner peace isn't as easy as it sounds. With the help of Omvana, the guided meditations enable improved performance, increased productivity, anxiety relief, less stress, focus enhancers, better sleep and much more.

Get the Omvana Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription for 80.00 USD (Reg. 299 USD) with the coupon code CHEERS.

6. Reading on a busy schedule

Reading has a myriad of cognitive and emotional benefits, but in a fast-paced world, finding the downtime to break up a book is difficult. 12 minutes is the perfect compromise for the mobile lifestyle with 30 new titles added to the micro-library. These titles can be completed in text or narrative form in just 12 minutes.

Get 12 Minute Micro Book Library: Premium Lifetime Subscription for $ 47.20 (Reg. $ 399) with coupon code CHEERS.

7. Improving life skills

A great podcast teaches listeners something at the end of the day, and that is exactly what Knowable does. The audio learning platform improves your skills in your personal life and relationships, your life skills, tips and tricks for the business world and much more. Whatever your goal, there is a podcast for it.

Get a recognizable audio learning platform: Lifetime Subscription for $ 48.00 (Reg. $ 249) with coupon code CHEERS.

8. Discover your leadership skills

Until the networking events are back in full swing, you can turn to Online Leadership Learning Methods to get a peek inside the minds of some of our greatest leaders. Marshall Goldsmith and his 100 trainers will guide you to discover your leadership style and skills through interactive and comprehensive online courses that are “choose your own adventure” style.

Get Online Leadership Learning Methods: Lifetime Subscription for $ 147.99 (Reg. $ 2,940).

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