Entrepreneur Opens Houston’s 1st Black-Owned Drive-In Film Theater

Space City Movie Theater

Image: BlackBusiness.com

Space City Shows, the first and only black-owned drive-through cinema in Houston, Texas, is open for business. Khairi Sharif, 26, said he started the venue to bring entertainment to people who love going to cinemas like him in the middle of the pandemic.

"I like going to the cinema, whether it's a new or an old film," Sharif told Chron. "You know, the blue ICEE, a few nachos, a few sweets. I couldn't do that with coronavirus. So my mind wandered and I thought about starting a drive-in theater. "

From there, Sharif began looking for a location and continued the process of acquiring film licenses and completing other documents to make his dream theater a reality.

Space City Shows is the newest pop-up drive-in theater in town and is located on 2300 Runnels Street in East Downtown (EADO) Houston. It has a wide variety of films, from old to new, that are shown every weekend. Moviegoers can also enjoy the city skyline as well as a variety of dishes from food trucks and a live DJ before and after each movie screening.

This article was originally published by BlackBusiness.com.