Fantasy Soccer Purchase-Low, Promote-Excessive Inventory Watch: Tom Brady, Ezekiel Elliott amongst commerce candidates heading into Week 8

Fantasy Football Buy-Low, Sell-High Stock Watch: Tom Brady, Ezekiel Elliott among trade candidates heading into Week 8

The injury bug was a bit serious last week, and more than a few fantasy football owners are likely looking for fill-ins. In general, you should always plan ahead and think about your best path to a championship. However, if you're 3-4 or worse, you may have to do whatever you can to win the matchups ahead of you and worry about the playoffs when (or "if") you get there. That could mean hitting a deal that is primarily short-term helping you. On the flip side, if you're already checking fantasy playoff schedules, you can try to take advantage of desperate owners. Either way, it's all about finding the right buy-low and sell-high goals, and Fantasy Pros' Mike Tagliere is here to see the Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill, Mark Andrews on his week eight stock watch and Ezekiel Elliott to help with trade advice and more.

This is definitely the time of year when vultures should be circling bad teams in your leagues. They may not have completely disappeared from the playoff picture just yet, so don't feel guilty about trying to tie them off. When someone just needs living bodies for the week or is desperate in a certain position where you have depth, take a step, even if it looks like a short-term loss to you. Targeting guys who have already had their bye weeks in exchange for guys who haven't got a week off can pay off later as a jockey for the playoff position.


Remember that values ​​can change quickly in fantasy football. So don't get too caught up in any particular trading goal. Change your thinking when trends change, but don't be afraid to strike when you have a good offer on the table. – Matt Lutovsky

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Week 8 Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Buy Low Candidates

Terry McLaurin (WR – WHAT)

I don't care if I buy high from him. With Kyle Allen at the center, Washington is clearly poised to throw the ball a little more. Despite being in a neutral gamescript in week 6 and a blowout gamescript in week 7, McLaurin has seen 23 goals that scored 14 receptions for 164 yards and a touchdown. Remember D.J. Moore last year? Well, that's McLaurin this year with Allen quarterback on the same offensive. He's a borderline WR1 for the rest of the season.

Mark Andrews (TE – BAL)

These are the moments that you as a fantasy owner must seize. Many expected Andrews to do a great week 6 against the Eagles, who had been extremely generous in that game. Andrews didn't do much, however, and stuck to his pattern of being extremely successful, which is frustrating for some fantasy managers. Try to take advantage of this because if you've tried streaming tight ends you know how tough this year has been for the non-elite options. Andrews gives you top 3 potential at least every week. His goodbye is also out of the way.

Latavius ​​Murray (RB – NO)

Murray is the type of player who can win fantasy championships. If you trade for him now, you are trading for a player who can be hooked up as a flex option for most weeks. Even if you're expected to pay RB3 pricing, that's fine. We know that with Alvin Kamara he will be in the line-up around that number, but if Kamara were to fail at some point, Murray would likely be ranked in the top 10 game every week. Most do not understand the value it should carry.

Ryan Tannehill (QB – TEN)

This is the moment you buy Tannehill. He posted mediocre stats against the Steelers where he finished with 17.3 Fantasy points, but that's still better than most believe in any given week. Fun fact: Tannehill scored at least 17.3 Fantasy Points in 15 of 17 games as the starter of the Titans. Since you know he's already got his bye week out of the way, consider him QB1 every week.

Tom Brady (QB – TB)

We now know that Antonio Brown will join Chris Godwin and Mike Evans' receiving corps in week 9, which will only add to Brady's inventory. If you look at the ranking for the rest of the season and you have three Bucs receivers in the top 36, you want the man who delivers those fantasy points. While the Bucs recipients are hard to predict from week to week, Brady shouldn't.

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Week 8 Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Sell High Candidates

Ezekiel Elliott (RB – DAL)

There will be some who will see this as a cheap window for Elliott. I am not one of them. The offense struggling to get points on the board and there seems no end in sight as the offensive line lost Tyron Smith a few weeks ago and Zach Martin lost to a concussion. While we're assuming Martin will return, this team is completely messed up and Elliott can potentially bring you a much greater return on investment than it is worth based on the name worth.

Mike Gesicki (TE – MIA)

He is leaving his bye week which you can use as a selling point for trade negotiations. There are also lots of people high up on Tua Tagovailoa below the center. We can't forget he's a newbie, and it rarely happens that they come in and do well right away. Not only that, Gesicki's role was also extremely inconsistent. His weekly fantasy finishes were 24, 2, 15, 45, 7, and 76.

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Week 8 Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Keep Players

A.J. Green (WR – CIN)

If you have green you will likely get some trade offers. If someone isn't willing to overpay, hold on. Green is right back in the WR3 discussion after hitting 24 goals in the past two weeks. After a year without football, Green might have been like Rob Gronkowski and just needed to get in shape. I'm a fan of keeping green, not selling it.