France declares ‘calamité agricole’ after record cold – Watts Up With That?

France declares ‘calamité agricole’ after record cold – Watts Up With That?

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France declares “agricultural misfortune” after record cold: What is it?

Emergency aid comes after the icy weather has seriously damaged the harvest

April 9, 2021

The government has recognized the damage many farmers have suffered to their crops from the freezing weather.

By Hannah Thompson

Farmers across France will receive government support after the Minister of Agriculture recognizes the damage the cold has done to crops. with the cold snapshot to be continued across the country.

Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie yesterday (April 8th) confirmed a “Calamité Agricole” – or agricultural disaster – to acknowledge the damage many farmers had suffered to their crops from the icy weather.

He said FranceInfo: “[We confirm] the implementation of the so-called Calamité Agricole system

What does that mean?

An agricultural disaster is usually not insurable.

However, the government’s recognition and official definition of the situation means that it has undertaken to provide financial support as compensation to the affected farmers and producers and to ensure that insurers and banks also work together.

Those affected now also have access to compensation from the national agricultural risk fund, the Fonds National De Gestion des Risques en Agriculture (FNGRA).

An official Calamité Agricole must be approved by the authorities before funds can be released from insurers and other sources.

In France, the situation is most often explained due to drought, but this time due to unusually cold temperatures, especially at night.

Mr Denormandie also said the government has asked insurance companies, bankers and lenders to confirm their cooperation and support.

He said: “We are organizing a full emergency response so that support can be put in place as soon as possible to ensure that no one is left behind.”

The article discusses the procedures and accounting for state aid to agriculture and contains this sharp warning.

Mr. Denormandie also said: “Unfortunately we are expecting new freezes in the next few days, which we will be paying close attention to, so that the bill could rise. The situation is already very difficult. “

What temperatures are we talking about?

As of Monday April 5th, temperatures in some areas of France suddenly dropped to around 7 ° C below the usual average.

Wednesday April 7th was one of the coldest April days since 1930.

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