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Take part in a conversation with the former Dunkin Donuts CEO to discuss the serious challenges companies face today.

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23, 2020

2 min read

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

Entrepreneurs around the world dream of expanding their business from the corner to the whole world. While those dreams may seem dubious today, hope can be gleaned from the story of Robert Rosenberg, former CEO of Dunkin Donuts, who managed to do so despite decades of economic downturns, near bankruptcy and constant change.

In this webinar, Robert Rosenberg, author of Round the Corner to Around the World: A Dozen Lessons I Learned While Running Dunkin Donuts, will talk about some of the serious challenges businesses face today and the uplifting story a family business that wanted to be best at what they do and eventually became the now world famous Dunkin 'Donuts brand. Tune in to gain insight into:

  • When to go public and when to sell
  • How to lead and build team trust in a crisis
  • How to Measure the Chances of Success of a Franchise Business
  • How focusing a business can lead to explosive growth
  • The importance of the business school and how certain classes changed the course of business
  • The art of reconciling exploitation and experimentation
  • How to spot flaws in yourself and how to correct and refine a company

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Robert Rosenberg was Chief Executive Officer of Dunkin Donuts from 1963 until his retirement in 1998. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a regional family business into one of America's best-known and most popular brands. Rosenberg received his MBA from Harvard Business School and took over the position of Chief Executive Officer a few weeks after graduating at the age of 25. After retiring from Dunkin, Rosenberg taught at Babson College Graduate School and served for many years on the boards of other leading food service companies, including Domino & # 39; s Pizza and Sonic Restaurants.